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Meat Loaf: Peeved at Record Label for Improper Promotion of His Latest Offering

Guess one out of two continents ain’t good enough for Meat Loaf.

Interviewed on Brandon’s Buzz, the superstar rocker—whose 1977 album, Bat out of Hell, yielded such hits as Two out of Three Ain’t Bad and Paradise by the Dashboard Light while selling 40 million copies—gripes about his latest effort, Hang Cool Teddy Bear.


"I'm at a total loss," Meat Loaf (above) tells us. "I don't understand the business at all anymore."

“It’s kind of being hidden at the moment in the United States, and that’s really a drag,” the Dallas native tells host (and fellow Lonestar Stater) Brandon Henslee of the concept album, which was released April 19 in the UK by Mercury Records and May 11 in the US by Loud & Proud Records.

“I’m very frustrated with the record company at the moment. I’m really frustrated with them here in America.

“I did a record skewed to a younger demographic. I realize [Loud & Proud] wants to hit the older demographic because they are the people who bought records before—but some of them are dead. I mean nothing personal, but Continue reading

‘Blossom’ Star Mayim Bialik: ‘I Didn’t Even Know I Was a Lesbian!’

You remember Mayim Bialik as the well-grounded teen, Blossom Russo, on the classic NBC sticom Blossom.

But despite going on to earn a Ph.D., get married and start a family after the show wrapped in 1995, she hasn’t disappeared from TV.


“I’m completely not skilled enough to be on that show,” Mayim (above) tells us of “Curb.”

As Larry David fans know, she has had a recurr- ing role on the funnyman’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Mayim plays Jodi Funkhouser, the daughter of Larry’s pal Marty Funkhouser, who’s a lesbian when we first meet her – only to “go straight” several episodes later, then be driven back into lesbianism by one of Larry’s trademark faux pas.

Jodi’s sexual orientation, however, was news to Mayim when she was cast in the hilarious HBO series.

Interviewed this week on BlogTalkRadio’s Brandon’s Buzz, the actress, now 33, tells host Brandon Henslee:

“My audition was hysterical. I got a tiny piece of paper with what the scene was.  And that was the exact scene we ending up filming when I got the job – I played a lesbian.

“I didn’t even know I was a lesbian – until people started talking about the rest of the epi- sode when we were filming! I didn’t know that was part of the schtick.”

Mayim, who’s currently out promoting the DVD release of Blossom, also says that though Curb went into pro- duction on season seven in December, she has no idea if she’ll be reprising her role.


With “Curb” creator Larry David (center) and co-star Jeff Garlin.

“Hopefully, if [the Funkhausers] are back . . . they’ll think of me. It’s a very spur-of-the-moment kind of show.  One of the episodes I did I literally was called two days before. And they said, ‘Larry just remem- bered you gotta be in this scene. Can you show up?’

“I don’t even think I spoke. They didn’t even mic me. I just sat there like I was at a funeral.

“But I have a new manager and agent and I’m hoping they’ll call over there and say, ‘Oh, we’re representing her now. So think of her’ . . . I would love to be back on that show.”

To hear Mayim’s full interview, click here.