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‘Outsourced’ Star Parvesh Cheena: I Cold-Called People in Real Life—and Lied to Them!

In a comical case of art imitating reality, Parvesh Cheena, who stars in the new NBC sitcom Outsourced—which some critics have frowned upon for perpetuating South Asian stereotypes and being insensitive to the plight of unemployed Americans—survived a telemarketing job by fibbing his way through it.

Interviewed on Film Festival Radio, the funnyman recalls the pre-fame gig.

CAPTION: "After working in an actual call center myself, I usually try to be very patient with workers at call centers-and be as polite as possible," Parvesh (above) tells us.

"After working in an actual call center myself, I usually try to be very patient with workers at call centers—and be as polite as possible," Parvesh (above) tells us.

“Earlier in my career, I worked as a ticket agent who was selling in Chicago,” he tells host Janice Malone.

“Part of our job was working the phones, selling theatre tickets, selling tickets for Shakespeare theatre shows, selling subscriptions and making cold calls.

“There were many times when I called people during their dinner hour! And, of course, I would often bend the truth about what we were selling—as anyone who’s worked the phones has done.

“I would say things like, ‘Oh, yes, I’ve seen this show eight times—and it’s great!’ In actuality I would’ve seen it maybe only once.”

Parvesh, who grew up in suburban Chicago, also addresses allegations of Continue reading

‘Twilight’ Mania Grips BlogTalkRadio as ‘Eclipse’ Opens Nationwide

It all started back in April 2009 when Taylor Lautner dropped in on Stardish Radio from the set of New Moon to deliver the latest Twilight dish.

During that live interview, more than 30,000 rabid fans logged onto BlogTalkRadio—and hung on Taylor’s every word—while another 200,000 listened on-demand.twilight-mania3

Since then, many of the cast members from the smash-hit series have graced our network, sharing tidbits about their characters, their personal lives, and behind-the-scenes action on the set.

Like when Charlie Bewley, who plays a Volturi guard in Eclipse, dropped in on Artists on Demand and hinted that he might be gunning for Rob Pattinson‘s job, telling us which of the Cullens he’d like to rub out:

“Edward, because Continue reading

‘Twilight’ Star Michael Welch: I’ll Paint Chocolate All Over My Lady (and Spray Her with Whipped Cream!)

Michael Welch may play Kristen Stewart‘s suitor in the smash-hit Twilight series, but in real life he’s devoted to gal-pal Marissa Lefton.

Interviewed on Film Festival Radio, the actor dishes about his long-term relationship.

CAPTION: "We're very happy," Michael (above with Marissa) tells us. "I love her very much."

"We're very happy," Michael (above with his sweetie-pie) tells us. "I love her very much."

“Our five-year anniversary is coming up,” he tells host Janice Malone. “March 8 is our technical anniversary. We dated three or four months first before we, like, made it official.”

Michael—who reprises his role as Mike Newton in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, opening June 30—also describes his fantasy date for marking the occasion with Marissa.

“After five years you don’t always really put on the old romance after that long period of time. But I’ll try to let her know how special she is to me all the time,” he says.

“As far as something to do, we’re going to Continue reading

Joe Jackson: It’s All About the Benjamins (and a Hearty Breakfast)

It’s good to know that Joe Jackson—who turns 81 next month—is making at least one concession to a healthy diet.

Interviewed on Film Festival Radio via phone from his Indiana hotel room last week, the Jackson family dad stopped in the middle of his chat to order breakfast.

CAPTION: "I'm ordering my food and talking on the radio." Joe (above) told us. "Ha ha!"

"I'm ordering my food and talking on the radio!" Joe (above) laughed.

“Let me have one pancake, two eggs, summer sausage and sugar-free syrup,” he told room service—before adding, “And two strips of bacon.”

Moments earlier, however, when host Janice Malone asked Joe about his favorite composition by his son, Michael Jackson, he replied, “I like the Earth Song. [It’s] about saving the animals.”

Joe, who was in Janice’s hometown of Nashville this weekend for an appearance at the 1st Annual Metro City Women’s Forum & Expo, also discussed another of his superstar offspring— Continue reading

Jack Nicholson Smackdown? He Could Never Reach Me! Says Bill Duke

Director Bill Duke may be five years younger and six inches taller than Jack Nicholson, but he knows better than to diss The Joker’s beloved L.A. Lakers.

Interviewed on Film Festival Radio, Bill—a longtime L.A. resident—chats about getting away with cheering for visiting teams while perched on the sidelines of the Staples Center alongside other Hollywood heavyweights.


"I prefer ‘team' ball players," Bill (l) tells us vis-à-vis Boston—rather than the L.A. "star dunkers" that Jack (r) adores.

When host Janice Malone asks, “You’re a die-hard team of who— which team is it again?” Bill replies: Continue reading

Darius Rucker on New Hootie Album: ‘Absolutely’ Happening

Just because Darius Rucker‘s now burnin’ up the country charts doesn’t mean he’s abandoned the band that made him a pop star.

Interviewed on Film Festival Radio, Darius—who in November won the Country Music Association’s New Artist of the Year award—reveals his plans for laying down new tracks and going out on the road with Hootie & the Blowfish bandmates Dean Felber, Jim Sonefeld and Mark Bryan.


"I love bein' a dad," Darius (above) tells us. "I was put on the earth to be a dad."

When host Janice Malone asks, “Will there ever be a Hootie & the Blowfish reunion project or tour?” the Only Wanna Be with You singer replies:

“Absolutely. We wouldn’t even call it a reunion-because we don’t feel like we’ve ever broken up. We still feel like a band. We still do suff together all the time.

“It won’t be anytime soon. But, yes, within the next few years, there will be another Hootie & the Blowfish record tour.”

Hootie, which won Best New Artist honors at the 1996 Grammys, and whose Cracked Rear View became the top-selling album of 1995, disbanded in 2008—according to Darius himself. During the group’s AOL Music Sessions show in August of that year, he said:

“We have four charity gigs every year and we will still do them, but we will not do a record or tour. Even when we play now, we’re not as close as we were. I don’t miss Continue reading

‘Big Love’ Star Bella Thorne: I’ve Got a Pet Wolf—Who Eats Hot Dogs

Go figure. Bella Thorne, the 13-year-old actress whose supernatural thriller, Forget Me Not, debuts tonight at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Hollywood, keeps a wolf as a house pet!

Interviewed on Film Festival Radio, the former child model reveals what it’s like cohabitating with the carnivore she calls Voodoo—who’s nearly as tall as she is.

 CAPTION: Bella: Not scareda lupus.

Bella: Cool with canine creature.

“[Wolves] are known to scare away people in your yard. But Voodoo’s like, ‘Come here, guys! Let me show you to the door.  Come inside!'” she tells host Janice Malone.

“The funniest thing about having a wolf is that they’re so, like, not what you think when you hear, I have a wolf—even though his howl is kinda really scary. Because when he was attacked by two pit bulls, he got his jugular removed,” adds Bella, who has replaced Jolean Wejbe in the role of Tancy Henrickson on HBO’s polygamous-family drama Big Love, Season 4 of which gets under way January 10.

“His howl used to be like, ‘How-ooooo!’ Now it’s like ‘Argg-rrrrrr!’ It’s actually pretty funny when he howls and you’re on the phone.  Continue reading

Say Hello to Tony Montana Jr.! ‘Scarface’ Producer Reveals Sequel in the Works

After years of speculation and wishful thinking, it appears that Scarface 2 is finally becoming a reality.

Says who? Only Martin Bregman – the producer who masterminded the 1983 remake, starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana, of the 1932 gangster flick Scarface, starring Paul Muni as Tony Camonte.

CAPTION: Marty: Raising Son of Scarface.

Marty: Raising Son of Scarface.

In a BlogTalkRadio exclusive, Marty, who also produced such Pacino classics as Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon, confirms that a sequel is forthcoming.

“Well, we’ve killed everybody else. So it’s gonna be tough,” he tells Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone when she asks if there will ever be a Scarface 2.

“You can’t have the Pacino character – pick him up from where he was shot and have him say, ‘You missed!'” Marty, 78, continues.

“No, there’s a way to do this, but it’s not that way. It’s not gonna be Continue reading