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BlogTalkRadio’s Kevin Ross Lands Nationally Syndicated TV Court Show

Talk about a career boost! Kevin Ross—who has been a BlogTalkRadio host for the past two-and-a-half years—will be taking his talents to the next level as host of America’s Court with Judge Ross.

Judge Kevin: A Shining example of BlogTalkRadio's "bench" strength.

Judge Kevin: A Shining example of BTR's "bench" strength.

The nationally-syndicated TV show, brought to us by Byron Allen‘s Entertainment Studios, is set to launch this fall, and has already been sold into 75 percent of the U.S. market, Broadcasting & Cable reports.

America’s Court will also air on one of Entertainment Studios’ six high-def cable nets, which were rolled out on Verizon’s FiOS broadband systems in September.

Set to tape in Kevin’s hometown of Los Angeles, the show will offer litigants “unique ways in which to responsibly deal with their unlawful or wrongful acts, while forcing wrongdoers to reflect on the consequences of their transgressions.”

“I love the Continue reading

‘Game On!’ Commentators Pull No Punches on BlogTalkRadio’s Hot New Political Show

Had enough of fat-cat Fortune 500 execs crying poverty after running their companies into the ground – then having the gall to asked Uncle Sam for multi-billion-dollar bailout packages?

John: Jabs at "Joe the Plumber."

Fed up with psychopathic hedge-fund managers who swindle their clients out of $50 billion?

Can’t stand the thought of another one of America’s governors getting caught, proverbially or literally, with his pants down?

Can't abide Motown madness.

Shomari: Can't abide Motown madness.

Then have we got a trio of acid- tongued commentators for you!

Tonight on Game On! with Ross and McLaughlin, Boston Herald writer/editor John Breneman and Shomari McKenzie of WKXN Radio in Montgomery, Ala., bring you their weekly “Satirical Soapbox” segments.

Shomari takes on the “poor-mouthing” Big Three automakers, and John answers the question, “Whatever happened to ‘Joe the Plumber?’” – while also revealing who’ll be replacing the departing Alan Colmes on Fox New Channel’s Hannity & Colmes.


Chad: Don't ignore real news.

Chad Everson, meanwhile – whose change-loathing “Grizzly Growl” reports focus on issues that are paid scant attention by the national media – brings you the true story of a heroic Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper.

Hosted by Kevin Ross and David McLaughlin – winners of FOX News Radio’s Battle of the Blog Talkers competition – Game On! delivers a spirited West Coast-East Coast, conservative-liberal, black-white take on the week’s most provocative political issues.

To get your Game On! – and hear John, Shomari and Chad every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET – click here.


‘Game On!’ America’s Top Blog Talkers Lead the Charge for Change

With next month’s inauguration of hoops-shooting Barack Obama comes a new era in American history.

And with it, a new chapter in talk-radio history – one in which conservative-dominated dials must adapt to our nation’s voracious appetite for change.


But by that time, BlogTalkRadio will be ready. Because tonight at 8 p.m. ET we’re getting a jump on the changing of the guard with the launch of Game On!.

John: Brash Beantown wag.


Shomari: Wicked D.C. wit.

Hosted by Kevin Ross – an African-American Republican from Los Angeles – and David McLaughlin – a white Democrat from outside Atlanta – the hour-long show features a spirited West Coast- East Coast, conservative-liberal, black-white take on the week’s most provocative political issues.

Kevin and David began making waves in October by taking top honors in FOX News Radio’s Battle of the Blog Talkers, a tournament to select America’s best blog talkers from each side of the political spectrum. Their prize?  A weeklong gig co-hosting FOX Across America with Spencer Hughes.

Regular Game On! commentators include Boston-based John Breneman of the Boston Herald, and Washington, D.C.-based Shomari McKenzie of WKXN Radio in Montgomery, Ala. – who’ll be weighing in with “Satirical Soapbox” reports.  These devilish diatribes tip their hats to Andy Rooney while kicking things up a notch.

Our man in middle America.

Chad: Change THIS.

Also, Princeton, Minn.-based Chad Everson of BlogTalkRadio’s Grizzly Groundswell – a Battle of the Blog Talkers finalist – focuses on issues concerning middle America, with his conserv- ative-as-ever “Grizzly Growl” reports.

Plus, newsmaker guests from inside and out of the Beltway.

And last but not least, live listener chats, calls and (dare we say) confrontations.

To get your game on, click here.