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Medium James Van Praagh: ‘I Was Responsible for the Deaths of Millions of People’

What’s a military commander with an extremely large number of murders on his hands to do?

Become a world-famous medium, of course.

At least that’s the path taken by James Van Praagh, co-executive producer of the hit CBS series Ghost Whisperer.

Interviewed on Journey into the Paranormal, James recalls why he decided to devote his life to helping rehab his fellow man.

CAPTION: James: From slayer to soul-saver.

James: From slayer to soul-saver.

“I had a past-life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss once, and it was very interesting. It was for a group of about 200 people, and I was sitting in the back of the room,” he tells host Joseph Tittel.

“And Dr. Weiss said to ask yourself any question during the regression. And I asked, Continue reading