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Best of BTR: Jesse Eisenberg’s Disappearing Act | 05.31.13

now you see him: Actor Jesse Eisenberg on magic & bank heists

by FilmGordon Radio in FILM

Actor Jesse Eisenberg chats about all things magic and his bank heist film opening this weekend, Now You See Me, co-starring Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and more.

This is thriller: Talking with a trio of celebrated novelists

by The Halli Casser-Jayne Show in BOOKS

In a rare gathering of three of the most celebrated thriller writers of our times, Halli Casser-Jayne talks with New York Times authors Steve Berry, Andrew Gross and Wiley Cash.

life beyond graduation: career planning for college

by Own Your Life with Dennis Carradin in PSYCHOLOGY

WIth high school and college seniors transitioning to an exciting, new and sometimes terrifying life stage, hear tips about the practical side of pursuing the right degree and planning for a successful career.

public speaking: Why and How to boost your brand

by Diane Helbig in BUSINESS

Being able to present yourself, your product or service to audiences large and small is critical to the success of your brand. Sought-after speaker and Forbes contributing author Debbie Fay offers tips. 

author tom hobson reveals what’s on god’s sin list today

by acmedia in CHRISTIANITY

Presbyterian pastor and author Tom Hobson talks about sin, both historically and its relevance today. Do Christians need to give up pork and shellfish? Is it a sin to wear mixed fabric? Is cross-dressing a crime?

Listen As an NRA Meeting Attendee Talks Gun Control | 05.07.13

talking gun control with Laura Carno at the NRA Meeting

by Silvio Canto Jr. in POLITICS

Laura Carnofounder of IAmCreatedEqual.com, whose credo is that a government who seeks to control us is one that’s out of control, discusses the gun control debate at the NRA Annual Meeting. 

comic book experts on ‘Iron Man 3’, ‘Man of Steel’ & Top 5 superhero films

by FilmGordon in MOVIES

Film critics and superhero aficionados alike preview the two huge comic book adaptations, Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel. Guests include Travis Hopson (Cinema Royale), James Hill (TVOne) and Daryle Lockhart (TheBlackBoxOffice), who’ll also unveil their list of top 5 comic superhero films.

Nurses Week & The National Nurse Act of 2013 (HR 485)

by RN FM Radio in HEALTH

It’s National Nurses Week, and Secretary for the National Nursing Network Organization Susan Sullivan discusses the nursing bill now before Congress (HR 485) and how you can get involved.

NBC’s ‘Grimm’ star Bree Turner

by The Drew Show in TELEVISION

Bree Turner, star of NBC’s Grimm, talks about her role as Roselee Calvertas. She also chats about her film career, including The Ugly Truth and The Wedding Planner. The interview starts 6 minutes in.

tech tips: How to Win Online Friends & Influence People

by Working the Web to Win in TECHNOLOGY

If you’re looking to build strong relationships and get ahead with your website, listen as Internet marketers Carl Weiss and Hector “The Connector” Cisneros share tips to make or break your online business.

Host Tim Gordon Keeps It Reel While Covering Tinseltown’s A-List Set

What kind of person boasts that he spends the majority of each working day watching movies—and has seen more than 10,000 of them in the process? A person like Tim Gordon. As president of the Washington, D.C., Film Critics Association, a movie reviewer for local PBS affiliate WETA-TV, and host of BlogTalkRadio’s Keeping It Reel, Tim is always game to screen flicks of any caliber. Except, of course, when chatting with Hollywood powerhouses like Tyler Perry. Confabs like that happen during the balance of his working day, while he and his correspondents are attending junkets for such flicks as Tyler’s For Colored Girls, Angelina Jolie’s The Tourist or Denzel Washington’s Unstoppable. And on that cinematic note, it’s time to go live to our nation’s capital for a chat with this week’s SoundBits subject, aka Film Gordon…


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If you love talking film, if you love good conversation, if you love funky music and if you love havin’ a whole lot of fun, we’ve got all that plus a Cineplexful of reel celebrities weighing in on their latest flicks.

Cinematic addict—and lovin’ it!

Cinematic addict—and lovin’ it!

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In addition to the passion I have for the power of movies, I’m a huge sportsas well as an avid collector of trading cards. I also love politics, literature and the culinary arts.

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Since I model my show on late-night talk shows, my inspirations are of course the king himself, Johnny Carson, as well as Arsenio Hall. I’m taken, as well, by the interviewing style of Today show host Continue reading