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Think You’ve Got What It Takes to Be Paris Hilton’s BFF’s OFF?

If that headline has you doing a double take, don’t be alarmed; your eyes don’t deceive you.

I want you – to be MY online friend forever.

Brittany: I want you – to be MY online friend forever.

Here’s the deal:

Tonight on Olivia Wilder Times, Olivia Wilder welcomes back Brittany Flickinger, who in December won the title of Paris Hilton’s “New BFF” on the MTV reality series of the same name.

When Brittany dropped into OWT last month, she adamantly dis- missed rumors that Paris was giving her the cold shoulder.

“We’re not married. We’re BFFs. Friends aren’t attached at the hip 24/7,” she said.

“And when we’re somewhere together and we’re not attached at the hip, they’re like, ‘Oh, no. They’re fighting.’”

Brittany later added: “I #$@!-ing practically live at her house!”

And to prove what a great “best friend forever” she is, Brittany now wants to be your BFF, too.

At least online – hence the term “OFF.”

To qualify, simply email three reasons why you deserve to be Britt’s OFF to oliviawilder@dr.com

Then show up for the live show tonight at 10 p.m. ET to find out more.  (Note: you must be signed up as a BTR user to enter the chat room.)

For more info, click here.

Paris Hilton’s ‘New BFF’ Trashes Rift Reports: “I #$@!-ing Practically Live at Her House!” Says Brittany Flickinger

Lest you believe all that chatter about her being on the outs with new BFF Paris Hilton, Brittany Flickinger wants the world to know there’s zero truth to it.

“It’s SO ridiculous,” Brittany (left) tells us about rumors that Paris is giving her the cold shoulder.

“It’s SO ridiculous,” Brittany (left) tells us about rumors that Paris is giving her the cold shoulder.

Brittany, who earned her title last month by trounc- ing the competition on the MTV reality series Paris Hilton’s My New BFF – which is currently on the lookout for wanna-BFFs for Season 2 – explains to Olivia Wilder Times host Olivia Wilder how the terrible rumors got started.

“We’re not married. We’re BFFs. Friends aren’t attached at the hip 24/7. And when we’re some- where together and we’re not attached at the hip, they’re like, ‘Oh, no. They’re fighting!’” says Britt.

But the Las Vegas-based rocker doesn’t stop there.

She also trashes her fellow hangers-on for trying to hog the Hilton spotlight:

“Paris sees a lot of friends that she doesn’t see when we travel a lot that she doesn’t see ever. And aside from her never seeing them – and me being like, alright, she never sees them; give her some time – I #$@!-ing practically live at her house!

my-new-bff“I’m not gonna be like, ‘No, pay atten- tion to me! Don’t pay attention to your other friends.’ We have other friends. She’s gonna hang out with her other friends. It happens.

“Aside from that, everyone’s kind of desperate, like, ‘I gotta get in the paparazzi shots with Paris!’ People shove me out of the way. I’m, like, let them embarrass themselves. I just chill back and watch it happen.’”

To hear Britt’s full interview, click here.

Yes, Romi, that WAS a Quake! ‘Hannah Montana’ Star Shaken Up While Live on BlogTalkRadio

Quick – someone get Romi Dames a scale!

A Richter scale, that is.

Shaken up by L.A. quake.

Romi: Shaken up by L.A. quake.

Because the Hannah Montana star may need it the next time she’s on BlogTalkRadio.

While chatting with Olivia Wilder Times host Olivia Wilder last night, the actress – who plays Traci Van Horn opposite Miley Cyrus on the hit Disney Channel show – suddenly felt her building shake.

“Oh, my gosh!  There’s an earthquake! Ah, I think so. Was that an earthquake?” she said live on-air.

Moments later – having asked a nearby pal what happened – Romi added, “Oh, apparently it was just someone on the roof.  Never mind.”

But moments after that, she was once again skeptical.

“I’m not convinced . . . There might have been an earthquake. Will someone tell me if there was an earthquake in L.A.?”

Miley (left) with Romi on “Hannah Montana.”

The trouble with Traci: Miley (left) with Romi on “Hannah Montana.”

Though the issue was never settled on-air, Olivia – who podcasts from her home in Scottdale, Ariz. – later checked with the U.S. Geological Survey.

The verdict?

Romi’s fears were right:  The shock that shook her up was indeed a quake.

“The magnitude 4.5 event occurred 2 miles SSW of San Bernardino, Calif.,” the USGS said.

To hear Romi’s interview, click here.

SoundBits: Olivia Wilder Shows Us the Love

Music breaks are an excuse for her to get her snack on.
Olivia: Gets her snack on during music breaks.

Earlier today we showed you photos of Olivia Wilder hobnobbing with Chelsea Handler and Heather McDonald of E!’s Chelsea Lately. It’s only fitting, then, that we new give you a second dose of the Olivia Wilder Times host.

Olivia, who hails from Scottsdale, Ariz., has recently interviewed such bold-face names as actor Tom Conti, comedian Gilbert Gottfried and pop legend Jackie DeShannon.  If that weren’t impressive enough, this Friday, she’s got Entourage star – and GoodFellas hottie – Debi Mazar!

So if you’ve yet to check out Olivia’s show, Friday would a perfect time to start.  In the meantime, sit back and soak up this latest in our weekly SoundBits series, which shows you a side of BlogTalkRadio hosts you may not know.

Give us a 15-second pitch for your BlogTalkRadio show – why should listeners tune in?

Olivia Wilder Times is a show, simply put, about love. Love of life, love of humanity, love of laughter. Whether I’m interviewing a celebrity guest, or just having a “party,” you can expect at least a smile or two. And if I’ve succeeded, you’ll leave with a lighter spirit, and maybe a laugh. I’m all about positivity and optimism.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

That I’ve had a lot of health challenges in my life – and that I’m a pretty decent portrait and figurative painter, who has sold many commissions. I guess those are pretty dichotomous things!

Who’s your broadcasting hero?

The humorous side of me says, Ted Baxter [played by the late Ted Knight] on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. But seriously, Charles Kuralt. I loved his “On the Road” series. He was all about humanity and hope. A truly special person.

If you could book any person on earth as a guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Tough one – there are so many! Maybe Steve Martin, because just looking at him makes me smile. I love his goofiness.

As we speak, what are you wearing?

Besides a big smile? I don’t think you really want to know!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done while in the middle of hosting your show?

While hosting my show? Hmmm. Once I played a tune just so I could go and get some chips and salsa and eat a couple before the song was over. I was starving because the chat room was talking about food! But nothing ever so unprofessional when I had a guest.

To read all our SoundBits profiles, click here.

Oh, Snaps! Olivia Hangs with Chelsea and Heather

First came Fruit Salad host Pauly, with pics of himself cozying up to such bold-face names as Liza Minelli, Marie Osmond and Margaret Cho.

VIP treatment.

Olivia (left) with Chelsea: VIP treatment.

Then Rundgren Radio host Doug Ford followed suit with pics of himself and rocker Todd Rundgren.

And most recently, The Dev and Mel Show host Devian Starr showed up on these pages arm-in- arm with dance queen Pepper Mashay.

Now comes BlogTalkRadio’s latest celebrity hobnobber: Olivia Wilder.

This weekend, the Olivia Wilder Times host took in standup Chelsea Handler’s show at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix.

Chelsea, as E! fans know, hosts the hilarious late-night talk show Chelsea Lately, on which fellow comedian Heather McDonald is a frequent guest – just as she was onstage in Phoenix.

Cheek to cheek in Phoenix.

And with Heather: Cheek to cheek in Phoenix.

And since Heather has been a guest on Olivia’s show, the schtick-mistress had abackstage pass waiting for her at the theater.

“It was a fabulously funny show – and great to finally meet the gals in person!” Olivia tells us.

To hear Chelsea, Heather and other guests on Olivia’s show, click here.

If want to submit a celebrity snap for possible inclusion in our blog, email it to our community manager, Deborah Ng: deborahng@blogtalkradio.com. But be sure it’s an unretouched photo in which you and the celeb are clearly visible. Also be sure to include the location where and date when the photo was taken, as well as your name and the celebrity’s name.

Tom Conti: BB-See ‘Ya Later! Acclaimed Actor from Across the Pond Bashes British TV

Here’s a bit of bad news for PBS aficionados who’ve long held that British imports are better than “trashy” American series:

Tube-wise, says Tom Conti, the days of U.K. dominance are dead and gone.

Can’t abide his peeps’ productions.

Tom: Can’t abide his peeps’ productions.

While chatting with Olivia Wilder, host of BlogTalkRadio’s Olivia Wilder Times, the English actor – who was schooled at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and has starred in such classic BBC pro- ductions as The Norman Conquests and The Glittering Prizes – made it clear that the U.S. now beats the knickers off Britain.

“I much prefer working on American television. They’re better at it. We used to be good at it – 25 years ago and before. But somehow, British television has sunk to an impossible state, whereas American tele- vision has got better and better,” says Tom.

“I did a few episodes of Friends and that was just marvelous because everybody there is so clever. All the actors who played the friends were absolutely brilliant.

“Not only that, but they were extremely nice. They liked each other. They hadn’t fallen out after all these years. . . We all got on terribly well and had a really good time.”

To hear more from Tom – including details of his next big-screen role, opposite (American) hottie Daryl Hannah in the just-wrapped Blind Man’s Bluff, click here.