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Host Jon Hansen: Master of Social Media Has Tricky Dick’s Kids in His Sights

Jon Hansen’s enthusiasm for BlogTalkRadio is, it seems safe to say, unrivaled among his fellow hosts. After all, he wrote the book (or at least a book) on the platform, titled Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds. When not expounding on social media, the logistics and management guru, who formerly served as President of e-Procure Solutions Corp., can be found at his home in Gatineau, Canada, just across the Ottawa River from Ottawa, hosting PI Window on Business. There, he tackles such timely topics as Can the Health Care Industry Be Trusted? Unfriendly Skies: How Safe Is Air Travel? and Protecting Your Electronic Image. On that note, please welcome this week’s SoundBits subject, aka the hardest working man in north of Buffalo, Mr. Jon Hansen…soundbits-wordpress11Give us a 15-second pitch for your show-why should listeners tune in?

Engaging, thought-provoking, informative and entertaining, we tackle the hottest and most controversial topics of the day, with guests who include bestselling authors, global experts and leading political figures.

Jon:Aspiring to the heights of Cronkite.

Jon: Aspiring to the heights of Walter Cronkite.

What’s the No. 1 reason why you host a BlogTalkRadio show?

As part of an overall social media strategy, BlogTalkRadio is a key medium for The PI Social Media Network, as it enables us to reach an expanded audience with stories that deliver real insights and tangible value to our listeners.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

(1) Prior to Blog Talk Radio, the only thing I had ever hosted was the occasional dinner party. (2) I still get butterflies (although good butterflies, mind you) whenever I hear the words “Your Continue reading

Embeddable Media Player Makes Syndicating Your Show a Snap

featuredfeatures2As promised, we’re back with Featured Features, the twice-monthly column for BlogTalkRadio hosts that focuses on our most usefull, inquired-about and cutting-edge technologies.

The focus of this edition? Placing your media player and show button on external websites and social networks.

The feature: Embeddable media player.

Available to: Both free and premium BlogTalkRadio hosts. Pro host can actually stream live on their websites.(Not a premium host yet? Click here to find our more about our premium packages.)

Where to find it: On your Profile Page.


How to use it: Below the media player on your Profile Page there’s an “Add this player to your websites” button. Click it and a new window will open, giving you three options: (1) Add the Single Player, (2) Add the Multi-Player and (3) Add the Button. Below each of those options, there is an embed code. Right-click with your mouse to highlight that code and select “Copy.” Then go into the admin page of your website and copy that code into wherever HTML code is added.

To add the player to your website, blog and social networks, go to the Gigya tool below the embed code boxes and click the “Post” button. A new window will open with a comprehensive list of networks, including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Yahoo, and WordPress. Click any of the network buttons, enter your credentials, and the player will be posted on that respective network. For more details, check out the How to Post Your Player to Any Website screencast tutorial in our Learning Center.

The benefits: By posting the media player on your own websites and social networks you’re making it available to potential new listeners, who might not come directly to BlogTalkRadio. What’s more, your player can be syndicated by anyone wishing to post it on a website. And it’s not uncommon for other sites to do exactly that, particularly when your show offers content that enhances that of sites focused on the same subject matter.

Jon: Syndication maven.

Jon: Syndication maven.

What hosts say: “Last year I did a show on the Startup Founders Visa Program and, as is my practice, I provided my guest—Brad Feld—with the embed code for the BTR player, which he posted on his blog. Less than 48 hours after the live broadcast, the on-demand version had been downloaded more than 4,200 times! That’s a testament to the embeddable player being one of the most valuable features of the BlogTalkRadio platform. Like compound interest, it can significantly expand your listenership. So if you aren’t already entlisting the help of your guests in syndicating your show, you’d be wise to make like Johnny Appleseed and start today. You’ll be amazed at how fast your audience grows.”
—Jon Hansen, BlogTalkRadio’s PI Window on Business.

Coming up: Be sure to check back on Tues., Dec. 28 when we’ll cover switchboard moderation, including a primer on screening calls.

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