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SoundBits: Larry Suttles Slithers to Prominence within the Reptile Set

For those of you who think the BlogTalkRadio guest roster is populated by nothing but Oscar winners, Emmy winners, Grammy winners, Tony winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel Prize winners, Olympic gold medalists and so on, think again. Because, thanks to Larry Suttles, we’ve also got names like Nick Mutton, who’s a prominent python breeder; Dave Kaufman, who directed Herpers, the first feature-length documentary on reptile culture; and Will Bird and Phil Peak, who penned the new book, A Snake Hunting Guide II. Since launching Reptile Radio two years ago, Larry and his sidekick, Brian “BT” Taylor, have become the go-to guys for news and info on the pet-reptile industry. And though Larry knew little about pythons when he began collecting the creatures in 2004, today he’s the proud owner of Bluegrass Reptiles, a Louisville, Ky.-based company that breeds and sells snakes and rodents. Now do us proud and put your tails claws hands together for Mr. Larry Suttles…

Larry: Lookin' sssssslick at the 2009 National Reptile Breeders Expo.

Larry: Lookin' sssssslick at the 2009 National Reptile Breeders Expo.

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