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John Oates: Daryl Hall and I Must Go Our Separate Ways (to Stay Together)

Sounds like John Oates is enjoying his time away from Daryl Hall – at least for the time being.

CAPTION: “The kind of stuff that we do separately is pretty necessary for us to keep things going,” John (above) tells us of his and Daryl’s solo projects.

“The stuff we do separately is necessary for us to keep things going,” John (above) says of his and Daryl’s solo projects.

Interviewed on Rundgren Radio, half the duo responsible for such classic tunes as Rich Girl, Sara Smile and Private Eyes explains how his hit-making partnership with Daryl has remained a musical force for the past 35 years.

When a caller asks, “Is there any way you [and Daryl] are going to get together and write some songs as Hall & Oats?” John replies:

“I think we are. I don’t see why not.

“It’s just that – you have to re- member, we’ve been doing this for so long. And unless you re- charge the batteries in one way or another, it’s really hard to sustain,” continues John, whose latest solo album is titled 1000 Miles of Life.

“I would say a lot of artists would love to have the type of career we’ve had and the length of career we’ve had. And, really, the only way to continue to do that is to take a break.

“Because if you don’t, it’s only going to implode. And I think that’s really why we’re still together after all these years. Because we manage to do that.”

During the duo's heyday.

During the duo's heyday.

In all, Hall & Oates have recorded 21 albums and sold more than 80 million records – 10 of which have shot to No. 1 – making them arguably the most success- ful duo in pop history.

To hear John’s full interview – during which he also explains why he’s got emus and llamas in his backyard – click here.

Rock Legend Rick Derringer: ‘Internet Radio Is the Wave of the Future’

Forget social-media gurus. If you really want to know where the radio industry is headed, ask the man who wrote Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo.

That would be Rick Derringer.

CAPTION: “It’s just like going back in time and rebuilding the whole record business from scratch,” Rick (above) tells us of Internet radio.

“It’s just like going back in time and rebuilding the whole record business from scratch,” Rick (above) tells us of Internet radio.

And this week on Rundgren Radio, Rick riffs on the subject like no- body’s business.

“I saw the old Elvis Presley movie Jailhouse Rock the other night.  And in it, he’s actually able to say, ‘Let’s start our own label,’ the guitar virtuoso, whose new album is titled Knighted by the Blues, tells hosts Doug Ford and Cruiser Mel.

“And they started their own label and they were able to cut this record and bring it right into the radio station and get the guy to play it while they were standing there. And the audience would call in and request it at that time.

“Those days of radio, people figure, are gone because radio is so controlled and it’s so big – Clear Channel and all those stations – it’s programmed and it’s so controlled that that can’t happen anymore.

“Well, they’re wrong. It can happen and it is happening right now. Tonight, you’re listening to it. Internet radio is the wave of the future – but it’s also a big salute to the past, because we’re able to go on, we’re able to do things like we’re doing now.

CAPTION: Rick’s original band, The McCoys, had a No. 1 hit in 1965 with “Hang on Sloopy.”

Rick’s original band, The McCoys, had a No. 1 hit in 1965 with this single.

“Stations can play whatever music they want to, people can either call in or email, immed- iately responding to what the radio station is playing.”

If that weren’t enough of a sales pitch, Rick goes on to explain why oldfangled radio just can’t cut it in this day and age.

“Radio stations, no matter how big they are – the terrestrial stations, we call them – are limited by the output of their transmitter, which means they can only be heard within a certain given metropolitan area,” he says.

“These stations, like the one we’re on now can be heard everywhere in the world.”

To head Rick’s full interview, click here.

Oh, Snaps! Pauly Sees Doug’s Rundgren with a Knight – and Raises Him a Gibson

Call it The Battle of the BlogTalkRadio Celebrity Schmoozers.

Shortly after Doug Ford, host of BlogTalkRadio’s Rundgren Radio, zipped us a pic of himself hanging with rocker Todd Rundgren last week, Fruit Salad host Pauly – of Pauly and Rico fame – followed up with two more celeb snaps.

The first finds Pauly cozying up to Grey’s Anatomy star T.R. Knight recently in L.A.; the second finds him getting even cozier with pop star Debbie Gibson, also in La-La Land.


TR (left) and Pauly: Grey's pride night.


Deb and Pauly: We CAN Be Together.

Any hosts out there want to challenge Pauly’s celeb-schmooze superiority?

If so, email your celeb snap(s) to our community manager, Deborah Ng, at deborahng@blogtalkradio.com

(But be sure it’s an unretouched photo in which you and the celeb are clearly visible. Also be sure to include the location where and date when the photo was taken.)

Oh, Snaps! BlogTalkRadio Host Cozies up to Todd Rundgren in the Carolinas

Not wanting to be outdone by Fruit Salad hosts Pauly & Rico’s summer love fest with the celebrity set, Doug Ford sent us this pic of himself with legendary rocker Todd Rundgren.


Todd (left) and Doug: Doin' hors d'oeuvres in Dixie.

As host of BlogTalkRadio’s Rundgren Radio – which features interviews with musicians associated with the Bang The Drum All Day singer’s career – Doug of course holds a special place in Todd’s heart.

Just this week, in fact, Todd told The Mountain Times of Boone, N.C., that Doug “does an outstanding job” with his BlogTalkRadio show.

As for Doug’s tête-à-tête with Todd, the two shared (what look like) Swedish meatballs recently at a Greenville, N.C., eatery.