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‘My Life as Liz’ Star Liz Lee: Nerds Are the Silent Majority

It may not be a textbook reality series, but My Life as Liz tells it like it is for millions of teens, thanks to star Liz Lee.

Interviewed on Somewhere in Vegas, Liz discusses how she draws inspiration from her own life in bringing her MTV alter-ego to life.

"I really wanna go to Skywalker Ranch," Liz (above) tells us in true nerd fashion. "That would be a dream come true."

"I really wanna go to Skywalker Ranch," Liz (above) tells us in true nerd fashion. "That would be a dream come true."

“I wasn’t one of the super-popular girls,” she tells host Marq with a Q. “I didn’t sit at the ‘popular’ table at school. I sat with all the nerds.

“And I think the nerds and the outcasts and the underdogs are the silent majority.

“When it comes to dealing with bullies, I feel that nerds—maybe if the don’t win the battle, and get shoved into a locker or stuffed into a locker or bullied at school—I think they usually win the war. I mean, because you’re getting shoved into a locker by Continue reading

‘Reba’ Star Melissa Peterman: Reba McEntire Is No Match for Me at Karaoke (at Least Not After I’m Plastered)

When it comes to impersonating Reba McEntire, no one does it better than, well, the Grammy-winning country-music star herself.

So reveals Melissa Peterman, host of the CMT karaoke game show, The Singing Bee.

CAPTION: Bee-est of friends: Melissa (l) with the downhome diva.

Bee-est of friends: Melissa (left) with the downhome diva.

Interviewed on Somewhere in Vegas, Melissa, who co-starred with Reba on Reba, which wrapped in 2007 after a six-year run, recalls working with her former boss on the hit series.

“I’ve actually sung karaoke with Reba. She’s a fun person, so she’d say, ‘Let’s have a karaoke night after taping,'” the funny lady tells host Marq with a Q.

“And the first time, everybody was like, ‘Yea. Great. You’re Reba McEntire.’ And nobody would sing for a little while, because it was kind of, ah, intimidating.

“Then, after a few margaritas, I’m starting to push her Continue reading

Seth Green: George Lucas Had Me #$%@*&! in My Pants

In the end, Seth Green learned, George Lucas was less of a “force” to be reckoned with than a generous fellow with a great sense of humor.

Interviewed tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Somewhere In Vegas, the actor who played Doctor Evil’s son Scott in the Austin Powers series recounts how he and his Robot Chicken co-creator, Matt Senreich, came to learn of the Star Wars mastermind’s interest in their stop-motion animated TV series.

CAPTION: "We were really overwhelmed," Seth (above) tells us of George's invite up to the Skywalker Ranch up in Frisco.

"We were really overwhelmed," Seth (above) tells us of George's invite up to the Skywalker Ranch.

“We’d done a sketch on the show, called The Emperor’s Phone Call, in which the emperor from Star Wars takes a call from Darth Vader, explaining how the Death Star has been destroyed, and all his plans were for naught,” Seth tells host Marq with a Q.

“Then we got a call – and the caller ID said ‘Lucasfilm.’ Continue reading

‘The Dish’ Host Danielle Fishel: Mariah Carey’s a Three-Strike Fashion Disaster

Danielle: Mariah make me wanna cringe.

Danielle: Mariah make me wanna cringe.

In the end, Danielle Fishel didn’t have to fish long for a deserving fashion target.

Interviewed on Somewhere In Vegas, the host of the Style Network series The Dish – who first found fame as Topanga Lawrence in the ’90s sitcom Boy Meets World – now finds fault in a superstar diva.

When host Marq with a Q asks, “Who do you think has made the biggest fashion faux pas of all time?” Danielle snaps back with:

“That would be so impossible to say. Of all time? I don’t know.”

But then – a mere nanosecond later – she indeed names names.

“I think any time someone, especially a woman, is wearing something way too tight, way too short and way too low-cut all at the same time – i.e., Mariah Carey, 95 percent of the time – that, for me is a huge faux pas,” says Danielle.

CAPTION: Mariah: Not high on Danielle's best-dressed list.

Mariah: Not high on Danielle's best-dressed list.

“You can see that coming from a mile away. And that’s a pretty easy one to avoid,” she continues.

“Pick something you feel like accenting – and leave the rest to the imagination.”


Later in the show, Danielle discusses her one-time beau, former ‘N Sync-er Lance Bass, who in 2006 revealed he was gay.

When Marq asks, “Who do you think has better fashion sense: Yourself or Lance?” the actress, 28, replies:

“I’m gonna go with me on that one – just because there are more pictures out there of Lance than of me in crazy outfits.

“So nobody could prove me otherwise.”

To hear Danielle’s full interview, click here.

Eddie Money: Doctors Were Puttin’ Me in a Dialysis Machine, Sewin’ Me up and Singin’ ‘Baby Hold On’

It’s been 29 years since his near-fatal overdose, but Eddie Money still recalls the experience like it was yesterday.

Interviewed on Somewhere in Vegas, the formerly hard-living rocker, whose autobiographical new musical, Two Tickets to Paradise, debuts next month in New York, relives the trauma – complete with a dark new twist.

CAPTION: “I’m very happy with the play I wrote,” Eddie tells us of “Two Tickets to Paradise.” “I call it my swan song.”

“I’m very happy with the play I wrote,” Eddie (above) tells us of “Two Tickets to Paradise.” “I call it my swan song.”

While partying in 1980, Eddie inhaled a drug he thought was cocaine but was in fact a home- made concoction that nearly killed him. And in the days that followed, his manager, hoping to evade a PR disaster, concocted a story about him wrecking his bike.

“It wasn’t a motorcycle accident. I had a major drug overdose, from a drug called phenetol, which was a bathtub barbiturate,” the Baby Hold On singer tells host Marq Piocos.

“And the guy that invented it killed about 30 or 40 kids all across the country. And he’s in life in prison somewhere.

“I didn’t know what I was doin’. I was snortin’ something. I was stupid. I was drinkin’ and, next thing you know – bang-o! – I went into a semi-catatonic state.

“My nerves weren’t twitching. I blew out my kidneys.

“And the strangest thing in the world was, I was in the operating room in a twilight state and they had the radio on and Baby Hold On came on the radio.

“And here are all these doctors puttin’ me in this kidney dialysis machine, sewin’ my leg up and stuff like that and they’re all singin’ Baby Hold On.

And I goin’, ‘Man, this is like The Twilight Zone!’”

Also during the hourling interview, Eddie discusses one of his biggest regrets of recent years.

“I would think there’s probably gonna be a record in that,” he tells Marq of the soundtrack to his stage show.

“Because – the worst thing I ever did, I sold the publishing [rights to my songs], which I should have never done.

“When your Jewish accountant tells you something, you’d better listen. They’re smart people!”

To hear Eddie’s full interview, click here.

SoundBits: MarQ with a Q (as in Quest for ‘American Pie’ Cutie Alyson Hannigan)

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means. That’s right – time for another edition of SoundBits, our weekly column that spotlights BlogTalkRadio’s most compelling hosts. This week, it’s MarQ Piocos who gets “Bit”-ten. As host of Somewhere in Vegas, MarQ (who’s known on-air simply as “MarQ with a Q”) has interviewed such marquis names as rocker Eddie Money, country-music legend Crystal Gayle, and The Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle. Now let’s see how well the Sin City resident holds up to our questioning.

Somewhere under the Big Apple’s Manhattan Bridge.

MarQ: Somewhere under NYC's Manhattan Bridge.

Give us a 15- second pitch for your BTR show – why should listeners tune in?

Somewhere in Vegas features performers in all genres of enter- tainment, from music to comedy to acting. Or sometimes, it’s just regular people with amazing talents. So you’ll always have lots of fun – and learn a little something – on my shows.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

Back in 2001, I was a contestant on a nationally televised game show called You Don’t Know Jack. And a few months ago, I won the lottery in Montana. But the prize was a paltry $10,000 (so don’t get too excited, ladies).

Who’s your broadcasting hero?

MarQ with a G. Ah, make that 10 Gs.

MarQ with a G. (Make that, ah, 10 Gs.)

Arsenio Hall. His show was so energetic and different at the time. We’re definitely missing a show like his these days.

If you could book any person on earth as a guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Alyson Hannigan. My listeners know this because I have a crazy obsession with her. I’ve been trying to book her for ages, but have not had any luck. I’ll keep trying, though!

As we speak, what are you wearing?

My new signature fedora, an AC/DC t-shirt, and blue sweats.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done while in the middle of hosting your show

Did an impression of a cow “gettin’ busy.”

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Rocker Eddie Money Rats Out Daughter: ‘She Got a DUI – So She Can’t Drive for a Year!’

Eddie Money may have risen to rock-star status decades ago, but when it comes to his kids, he still sounds like a cop.”

So writes the New York Post‘s famed Page Six column today, about Somewhere in Vegas host Marq with a Q‘s recent interview with the former NYPD officer.

Baby, hold on – to your license! Eddie with Jesse last year.

Baby, hold on – to your license! Eddie with Jesse last year.

During the spirited discussion, Eddie squeals on his only daughter, aspiring pop tart Jesse Money, for a recent offense that had previously fallen under the radar.

After telling Marq that the 20- year-old is “probably gonna get a [record] deal in the next year,” he says:

“But the apple don’t fall far from the tree. She got a DUI on New Year’s Eve, so now she can’t drive for a year…Gotta live and learn, baby!”

Eddie’s domestic exposé doesn’t stop there, however.

Soon after insinuating that Jesse, who came in last on MTV’s Rock the Cradle – a 2008 reality series featuring the offspring of music legends like Olivia Newton-John and Kenny Loggins – is superior to established pop stars, Eddie tosses her under the bus.

“If you’re gonna play, you gotta pay,” Eddie says of Jesse (above).

“If you’re gonna play, you gotta pay,” dad Eddie says of Jesse (above).

“She’s got an old soul. I’m not knocking Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson, but my daughter is more of a torch singer from the 60s,” says the Two Tickets to Paradise singer.

Then he adds, “I don’t really know what Jessica’s gonna do. She’s out of her mind.

“She’s got a boy- friend, and the trouble’s starting. They both drink like fishes.”

To read the Page Six story, click here.

To hear more from Eddie, click here.