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Three Stooges Kid: I Was a Source of Moe’s Mischief!

While it’s no secret that all nine of the Three Stooges (yes, we said nine; if you don’t believe us, click here) were world-class clowns both on-screen and off-, you may not know that founding member Moe Howard was prompted to play at least some of his pranks by his son, Paul Howard.

Paul dropped in on The Front Porch host – and Stooges historian – Richard Sanner this week to chat about Moe.  And it wasn’t long before the celebrity offspring uncorked this revelation:

Moe: My kid made me do it!

“As a seven-, eight, nine-year-old, I used to love to go to lunch or dinner with dad – and as an adult, I’m totally embarrassed about it now – and tell him to give double-talk to the waitress. So he’d look right in the eye of the waitress and say, ‘I’d like a ral sandwich with the bread sliced very thin, please.’

“Most waitresses would say, ‘What?’ – or their faces would turn red because she didn’t understand.  But [Moe] was at the commissary, which is the cafeteria at the studio, with supporting cast and the director.  And when the waitress came to him, he asked her for ‘A ral sandwich with the bread sliced very thin.’ So she wrote something down.

“Fifteen minutes later, she came out with the different orders.  And when she brought my dad’s, it was this sandwich that was about 18 inches high.  It had one of everything that must have been in the kitchen in it. Everybody laughed, including my dad, because he knew that she’d nailed him!”

To hear Paul dish out more anecdotes about his dad, click here.