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Diana Ross: ‘Beyond Thrilled’ to Be First-Time Grandma

CAPTION: "I've been very blessed to have that kind of mother," Rhonda tells us of mom Diana (above). "A mother that wanted the best for me."

"I've been blessed to have that kind of mother," Rhonda says of Diana (above). "A mother who wanted the best for me."

You can’t hurry grandkids, as Diana Ross learned this year.

But now that the pop legend has finally got one, she’s tickled pink.

So reports her daughter, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, whose dad is Motown Records founder Berry Gordy.

Interviewed tonight on Timothy Hodge, Rhonda chats about giving birth to her son, Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick, on Aug. 7, and how her mom has reacted to the bundle of joy.

“This is the first grandchild. It took us a long time—I mean, you know—but what are you gonna do?” Rhonda, who has been married to jazz pianist Rodney Kendrick since 1996, tells host Timothy Hodge. Continue reading

‘Good Hair’ Star Nia Long: Black Women Aren’t the Only Ones Gettin’ Weaves. White and Asian Women Are Gettin’ Them Too

CAPTION: "At the end of the day, we have to do the things that make us feel great," Nia tells us of beauty enhancements.

"At the end of the day, we have to do the things that make us feel great," Nia (above) tells us of beauty enhancements.

The longing for long, lustrous locks isn’t limited to African American ladies.

So says Nia Long, who’s among the A-list sisters interviewed in Good Hair, Chris Rock‘s hilarious new documentary that “explores the wonders of African American hairstyles.”

Interviewed on Timothy Hodge, the actress, who has appeared in such hit flicks as Boyz n the Hood, Soul Food and Big Momma’s House, offers her take on terrific tresses.

“Good hair is hair that’s shiny and healthy. And for all my sisters out there who weave it in, that’s Continue reading

Cissy Houston: Whitney’s Doing Wonderful

Cissy Houston assures us that Whitney Houston is A-OK – though has no inkling how the troubled diva’s first album in seven years will fare.

That’s because she hasn’t been privy to her daughter’s comeback project as it takes shape under the direction of legendary producer Clive Davis.

CAPTION: “I’m just chillin’ right now and enjoying my life,” Cissy (above, at last year’s GospelFest) tells us.

“I’m just chillin’ right now and enjoying my life,” Cissy (above, at last year’s GospelFest) tells us.

Interviewed on Timothy Hodge, Cissy – a Grammy-winning gospel singer who has done backup duties for the likes of Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin – hints that Whitney is indeed on the road to a full mend.

“Whitney is fine,” she tells host Timothy Hodge. “She’s doing wonderful.”

“She’s got a new record coming out in September or – I think the single might be released in July,” adds Cissy, 75, of her baby girl, who was reportedly drug-addled in recently years before checking into rehab.

Adding to Whitney’s woes at the time was then-hubby Bobby Brown, who also grappled with substance-abuse issues, and whom the Greatest Love of All singer finally divorced in 2007.

When Timothy asks if she has heard any cuts from Whitney’s new album, Cissy replies, “No. I’m gonna hear it whenever you hear it.”

Timothy also inquires how Cissy injured her ankle in February, when she was seen – hobbling along on a cane – arriving at Clive’s pre- Grammy bash in Beverly Hills to watch Whitney perform.

Before the fall: With Whitney (left) in 1990.

Before the fall: With Whitney (left) in 1990.

Apparently misunderstanding the question, however, she recounts another ankle-breaking mishap, this one inadvertently brought about by collaborator Luther Vandross, who passed away in 2005.

“Years ago, I fell in my elevator at home. I had act- ually come from a session with Luther. I had went in and overdubbed some things that he had asked me to do. And he left me some flowers there,” says Cissy, who, along with Patti LaBelle, CeCe Winans, J. Moss and others, will be featured at the McDonalds GospelFest in Newark, N.J., on June 13.

“And so I’m bringing these flowers home in the car and everything went fine. When I got here I should’ve called my maid.

“But I didn’t. I said, ‘Ah, man, I’ll take’m upstairs myself.’

“And, you know how in the elevator there’s a space between when you stop? My heel went down in that. And I kept walking and my foot went around like that and it was like ahhh!”

To hear Cissy’s full interview, in which she also reflects on working with Elivs and offers her opinion of President Barack Obama, click here.