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‘Guiding Light’ Stars Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia Moving Their Love Online

Much to the dismay of countless Guiding Light fans, Olivia and Natalia never got to lock lips on the recently-canceled daytime drama.

And at least one of the actors who made up the couple known as “Otalia” was so distraught by the omission that she wished for a social disease—to make it ring true.

Next month, Crystal Chappell, who played Olivia, and Jessica Leccia, who played Natalia, return to the soap realm as yet another same-sex couple—Gina and Ani—in Venice the Series.

CAPTION: Jessica (left) and Crystal: They'll always have "Venice."

Jessica and Crystal: They'll always have "Venice."

Only this time, they’ll be free from the constraints of network censors, because Venice is being produced exclusively on the Internet.

In anticipation of the digital serial’s launch, former Soap Opera Weekly editor-in-chief Mimi Torchin dishes with the ladies on her companion BlogTalkRadio show, V-Pod. Continue reading