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The Naked Cowboy: Nobody’s Crazy Enough to Mess with Me!

The Naked Cowboy may look vulnerable – standing in the middle of Times Square night and day dressed only in boots, brim and BVDs – but woe to the man who’d try anything funny.

In a spanking-new interview with World Talk Live!, host Brett Cohen asks TNC, “Has anyone ever pulled your underwear down – or given you a wedgie?”

Don’t you dare “pick” on him.

Don’t “pick” on this tumbleweed troubadour.

Without hesitation, the warbling wrangler – who’s arguably the most famous street performer on the planet – snaps back:

“I’ve had attempts, but my underwear is, lit- erally, size 16. They’re as tight as you can imagine. I wear two pairs at all times. One pair is folded down so, you know – Superman didn’t walk around with a softball in his pants.

“And nobody’s going to assume they’re crazier than me and mess with me,” adds the 38-year- old Cincinnati native.

“Once in a while you get someone who is, literally, deranged. But all I got to do is snap my fingers, whistle, and there’s 50 cops there.”

The buff buckaroo born Robert John Burck, who recently launched a line of Naked Whey protein supplements (below), also recounts how he has been arrested 48 times for doing his skivvies-only schtick in various outdoor locations around the U.S.naked-whey-11

“What exactly were the charges?” asks Brett.

“Being too cool for the city,” says TNC.

And perhaps most fascinating, the birthday-suited crooner explains how he (remember: this guy’s purely a street performer) earns thousands of dollars each month in ASCAP royalties from his musical compositions.

To hear TNC’s explanation for that conundrum, along with other fascinating tidbits, click here.

‘Snapple Lady’ Still Bitter Over Being Canned: I Despise Those People! She Tells BlogTalkRadio

It’s been 10 months since Snapple gave its beloved spokeswoman, Wendy Kaufman, the boot.

But don’t think for a moment that the soft-drink icon has softened on her former bosses.

“They weren’t very nice. A little duplicitous, a little nasty,” Wendy says of her contract negotiations with Snapple.

“They weren't very nice. A little duplicitous, a little nasty,” Wendy says of the Snapple honchos who negotiated her contract.

If anything, she’s foaming at the mouth.

In an interview on World Talk Live!, Wendy rips into the execs at Snapple parent Cadbury (formerly known as Cadbury Schweppes, be- fore its May 2008 demerger), whom she claims offered her, in March, a “contract worth absolutely nothing.”

“I love Snapple. But I despise and detest the people from Cadbury Schweppes!” she tells host Brett Cohen. “I think that after 18 years of service, I deserved a little bit more.”

In 1990, shortly after the native New Yorker – who’s now hawking her own plus-size fashion line, called Wendy Wear – first appeared in the folksy ad campaign Snapple created around her, she rocketed to cult status.

Within three years, Wendy, now 50, had helped drive the company’s sales from $23 million to $750 million.

Pitching the beverage “made from the best stuff on earth.”

Happier times: Pitching the beverage “made from the best stuff on earth.”

Today, however, that cozy relation- ship has soured to the point of poss- ible legal action – or so it sounds.

“[Cadbury] can say whatever they want, but my lawyers have copies of this letter [offering me] zero guaran- tees,” Wendy challenges.

“And I don’t think that Snapple’s heard the end of me.”

To hear Wendy’s full interview, click here.