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Nancy O’Dell: ‘Is My Spanx Showing?’ (No — Worse!)

CAPTION: "Nobody tells you ahead of time," Nancy (above) tells us of the many metamorphoses of motherhood.

"Nobody tells you ahead of time," Nancy (above) tells us of the many metamorphoses of motherhood.

Talk about a non-Kodak moment.

While pregnant with her now-22- month-old daughter, Ashby Grace, Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell found out the hard way that…

Well, ah, we’ll let her tell the story.

“It happened on the set of Access Hollywood – nobody tells you that your breasts leak colostrum before you give birth.

“I’ve known that once you start nurs- ing, your breasts can leak and you need to wear breast pads. But nobody tells you it happens ahead of time,” Nancy, who’s got a new book out titled Full of Life: Mom-to-Mom Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Pregnant, tells host Brett Cohen this week on World Talk Live!

“I’m standing there reading a lead – and it’s broadcast all over NBC, even though it’s not what’s gonna air that night; anybody who works at NBC can see this broadcast – and all of a sudden the cameraman swoops the camera away and I’m like, ‘Why is he moving his camera away? Is my Spanx showing or something?’full-of-life4

“So two stylists run in, each with a hairdryer, and they’re like blowing at my breasts.

“And I’m like, ‘What’s going on?’ And they’re like, ‘You have little red spots on your blouse.’

“And I’m like ‘What?!’ Couldn’t somebody have given me a heads-up that this could happen?”

To hear Nancy’s full interview, click here.

Jimmy Fallon: Vision Perfected. Now I Gotta Tackle My Persipration Problem — No Thanks to De Niro

Just when Jimmy Fallon got done fixing one biological imperfection, along comes another one to cramp his style.

And it’s all Robert De Niro‘s fault.


“I never thought a human could sweat that much,” Jimmy (above) tells us.

On January 27, just 34 days before he succeeded Conan O’Brien as host of NBC’s Late Night, Jimmy underwent LASIK laser eye surgery to correct his vision.

Now he reveals that he’s got to see another medical pro for what appear to be overactive sweat glands.

“I was sweating a lot my first show out. I was interviewing De Niro. I was just so nervous and excited. It was such a big night for me,” Jimmy tells BlogTalkRadio host Brett Cohen.

“Clearly, I have no control over my glands. So I have to go get that checked. That’s the truth,” he adds.

Jimmy later tells Brett that his pro- fusion of perspiration led him to kick caffeine.

“My producer was laughing at me. He was like, ‘I’ve never seen any- one sweat this much. This is hilarious.’

CAPTION: “It was pretty sad,” he says of his wet appearance opposite Bobby (left).

“It was pretty sad,” the funnyman says of his all-wet performance opposite Bobby D (left).

“So we made the studio colder, just to help me out. It calmed my nerves down, too. I haven’t really drank coffee since that day.”

Also during the inter- view, Jimmy tells Brett:

—Why he wants to know if there’s “a Girl Scout out there who needs my help.”

—Why he settled on a bowling roll as his signature monologue move.

—Why he believes he’s getting better at beer pong.

—And whether or not (Conan be damned) he’s setting his sights on Tonight Show hosting duties.

CAPTION: Jimmy prepping for his LASIK proceedure in January.

Jimmy being prepped for his sight-correction procedure in January.

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