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Stedman’s Formula for Suriving the Oprah Rumor Mill (Including that Nasty Lesbian Talk): ‘You Gotta Have Strength’

If you’ve ever wondered how Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham keep their relationship going strong after 23 years together, wonder no more.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio, the educator, author and businessman reveals the forumla that has allowed his love for America’s most powerful woman to flourish – despite incessant rumors of golddigging, breakups and, yes, even homosexuality.

CAPTION: "It's not that easy being in the limelight," Stedman (above with Oprah) tells us. "The Michael Jackson situation will tell you that."

"It's not easy being in the limelight," says Stedman (above, with Oprah). "The Michael Jackson situation will tell you that."

“Both of us have our own identity. We’re able to operate autonomously and we’re able to operate together sometimes. We’re able to share things together,” Stedman, who will be speaking at the University of Phoenix Cleveland Campus on July 23 about his Nine-Step Success Process, tells World Talk Live! host Brett Cohen.

“But also, we have our own space. I do what I do… I speak about 100 times a year around the world. I’ve written a number of books. I have clients I work with,” continues Stedman, 58, who’s currently chairman and CEO of S. Graham & Associates, a management and marketing consulting company specializing in corporate and educational markets.

“And she has her show. She has her magazine. She has all the things she’s involved in,” he adds of Oprah, 55.

“That’s what she does and that’s what I do. So there’s no conflict. In fact… it’s very complementary.”

CAPTION: When you love yourself and have your own identity and are passionate," says Stedman, "you really don't care about...how the outside world defines you."

"When you love yourself and have your own identity and are passionate," Stedman tells us, "you really don't care about...how the outside world defines you."

Later in the show, Brett asks Stedman how he stands the pressure of the Oprah rumor mill.

“For so many years, you’ve been in the limelight – being in a relationship with Oprah – and there have been a lot of rumors flying around… That Oprah dumped you or you guys aren’t together anymore or people suggest you’re only with her for her money or people have suggested that Oprah’s a lesbian – and that she’s only with you in public to cover it up,” says our host. “How are you able to put up with all that nonsense?”

“People…understand what I have to go through and what she has to go through,” says Stedman.

“It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re a politician, a celebrity an athlete – or whether you’re in your own small town.

“People gossip and they send all kinds of rumors out and everything else. So you gotta have strength… And secondly, you gotta believe in yourself.

“You’re not really going anywhere doin’ the same thing over and over every single day stuck in the box. You’re not goin’ anywhere if you don’t educate yourself.

“You’re just another person, running your mouth, gossiping, talking about somebody else because you don’t have a life for yourself.”

Stedman also tells us how, in the past, his vision of himself held him back.

CAPTION: "They're doing a great job," Stedman says of the First Couple (above).

"They're doing a great job," Stedman says of our nation's First Couple (above).

“I used to have a race-space consciousness,” he says. “You know, everything was about the white man, everything was about the government, everything was about the external world, as opposed to my own development.

“So you get programmed to believe you’re a second-class citizen. So you’re not able to take control of your own life. You become a victim as opposed to a victor.”

Finally, he weighs in on America’s 44th president.

“I think he understands vision; he understands who he is – so he can’t be rocked; he understands how to develop a plan for himself; he understands how to create a value system for himself; he understands how to build a team for himself,” Stedman says of Barack Obama.

“He’s been a community organizer, which people used to laugh at and talk about and make fun of,” continues Stedman.

“Now they realize that the same process for organizing the community is the same process for running the world.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Jerry Seinfeld Phones His TV Mom — at Last

It took nearly a year, but Jerry Seinfeld finally called up his “mom” – if only to let her down.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio, Liz Sheridan, who spent nine years playing Helen Seinfeld on Seinfeld, recounts how the funnyman phoned her out of the blue last week while in L.A. with Larry David shooting Curb Your Enthusiasm with fellow show-about-nothing alumni Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards.

CAPTION: "I don't like to intrude on people who are 'so busy,' Liz (above) tells us of Jerry.

"I don't like to intrude on people who are 'so busy,'" Liz (above) tells us of Jerry.

“I was in my car driving and he just said, ‘Hi, I heard you wanted to get in touch with me?'” Sheridan, 80, tells World Talk Live! host Brett Cohen.

“He said, ‘We’re working on the same set where we did Seinfeld, and it’s nice to be here.’

“I asked him if he was a good father. He said, ‘I try’… [Then] I asked him if he would possibly be interested in the movie that I’m writing about the book I wrote, Dizzy & Jimmy.”

(That 2000 memoir recounts the actress’ brief engagement to James Dean during the early ’50s.)

“And he said, ‘It sounds terribly interesting’… like a project he would love to do, but he’s so caught up in busy, busy, busy,” adds Liz, who’s currently starring in the feature film Play the Game, opposite Andy Griffith and Doris Roberts.


With her TV son on the set.

Last July, when Brett asked Liz, “If you had the ability to have dinner tonight with anyone in history, who would it be and why?” she replied:

“Jerry Seinfeld. Why? I’d ask him to help me raise the money for my movie. [But] he’s got so many ‘people’ in front of him, you can’t get to him. And I don’t have his phone number.”

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Kim Kardashian: I Used to Cheat on Reggie (Reggie’s Workouts, That Is)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Story updated July 27, 2009 Kim Kardashian’s rep confirmed to UsMagazine.com today that she and Reggie Bush have split up. To read Us’ coverage, click here. Below is BlogTalkRadio’s coverage from April 27.

She may be America’s new fitness queen – what with her latest workout video, Fit in Your Jeans By Friday, debuting at No. 1 – but Kim Kardashian wasn’t always so gung-ho about getting into shape.

Interviewed on World Talk Live!, Kim says she was until recently so lax that she had to hide her idleness from beau – and NFL pro – Reggie Bush.

CAPTIONS: "As I got older, I got a little lazy," Kim (above) tells us of her workout efforts. "But now I'm completely motivated."

"As I got older, I got a little lazy," Kim (above) tells us of her workout efforts. "But now I'm completely motivated."

When host Brett Cohen asks, “Does Reggie help you with your workouts?” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star replies:

“He used to write these workouts and leave them by the bed. Then he’d get up and go to training. And I would lie all the time and say I did the workout.

“But one time he called me and I was in bed, and he was like, ‘Oh, babe. How was the workout?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s good. I’m just here now in the gym. I stepped away to take the call.’

“And he called me back and said, ‘I got off work early and I’m gonna come into the gym and I’ll see the rest of your workout. I’ll hang out with you.’

CAPTION: Kim: With Reggie (left), but not yet reggie-stered.

The happy couple: With Reggie (left), but not yet reggie-stered.

“I had to get up so fast out of bed and throw on workout clothes and run down there and pretend I just had this crazy workout.”

Kim also puts the kibosh on rumors that she and Reggie are ready to amble down the aisle.

“I don’t know where these rumors come from, but we’re not engaged.

“We’ve been together for two years, so I think people are probably like, ‘When is it gonna happen?’

“But we’re totally happy in a normal relationship.”

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SoundBits: Brett Cohen, Barely-Legal Media Maven (and Lovin’ It)

You know the voice, now meet the boy man. Since the early days of BlogTalkRadio, Brett Cohen has been a force to be reckoned with, what with his trademark wit and ingratiating demeanor. Then of course there’s his roster of A-list guests, which has – in the past six months alone – included Jimmy Fallon, Paris Hilton, Mandy Moore, Mick Fleetwood, Nancy O’Dell and Carson Kressley. Along with way, his interviews have been picked up in such powerhouse news outlets as People magazine online and the New York Post. So if that’s any indication, the still-in-his-teens host, who hails from Long Island, N.Y., and who’ll be transferring from Penn State to Quinnipiac University in Connecticut this fall, should have quite a career ahead of him. (We just hope he isn’t snatched up by the Big Media boys before landing Jack Nicholson or Angelina Jolie.)

Brett (above): Another Charlie Rose in the making?

Brett (above): Another Charlie Rose in the making...

Give us a 15-second pitch for your show – why should listeners tune in?

World Talk Live! has been keeping BlogTalkRadio listeners captivated for nearly two years now. Each week, I interview a wide variety of people with compelling, news- worthy stories to tell (whether they come on the air intending to tell them or not). My guests range from musicians to actors to com- edians to media figures to polit- icians to folk heroes – you name it.

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

The first is my age. I’m only 18, so I can’t legally drink on the air (though I can drive – and eat most snack foods). My youth usually shocks people because of how much I’ve accomplished thus far in my career. For example, from 2006 to 2008 I was the prime minister of Canada. Then again, I don’t usually talk about my age because I want to be taken seriously (so immediately after reading it, please shred this web page).

The second thing is that I do great vocal impersonations, and have even created my own characters for the show. While my background isn’t in acting, I’ve been told that I have a natural comic sense. My dream job would be to join the cast of Saturday Night Live.

Who’s your broadcasting hero?

Or another John Belushi?

...or another John Belushi?

I can’t really narrow it down to one person. But Howard Stern has long been an inspiration, simply because of all the attacks and other obstacles he has had to put up with to maintain his style. So I’ll always appreciate his innovation. But I think that the media and entertainment industries have been my main motivation for taking to the airwaves. There are so many talented people who work in broad- casting, and just being a part of that is immensely fulfilling.

If you could book any person on earth as a guest on your show, who would it be and why?

I really enjoy interviewing politicians, so it would be great to speak with Barack Obama. The story of his rise to power is fascinating – and he’s the coolest commander-in-chief our country has ever seen. So an interview with him would be meaningful in many ways. But the chances of that happening seem slim. Then again, I never thought that I’d interview some of the people who’ve already appeared on my show, Ralph Nader or Akon or even Gennifer Flowers. The truth is, I appreciate when anyone comes on my show and gives me some of their time.

As we speak, what are you wearing?

Hugo Boss jeans, a dark-blue polo shirt, New Balance sneakers. Chrome by Azzaro is my fragrance of choice this evening.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done while in the middle of hosting your show?

During my interview with Paris Hilton, I asked her out on a date. She’d just broken up with Benji Madden, so I figured it couldn’t hurt. She, of course, declined my offer, and then went on to explain that it wasn’t the appropriate time for me to invite her into a relationship. (Well, Paris, we’ll always have BlogTalkRadio.)

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Mick Fleetwood: I Still Love Stevie Nicks

 CAPTION: “It’s a great epitaph to a real friendship that runs deep,” Mick (above, with Stevie in 2005) tells us of his former flame’s current status within the Fleetwood family.

“It’s a great epitaph to a friendship that runs deep,” Mick (above with Stevie in 2005) tells us of his former flame’s current status in the Fleetwood family.

Of all the bands to come out of the Golden Age of Rock, none carried as much emotional baggage into the studio as Fleetwood Mac.

While recording their 1977 album Rumors – which featured such hit singles as Go Your Own Way and You Make Loving Fun John and Christie McVie were separ- ating, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were breaking up, and Mick Fleetwood was divorcing his wife.

During that tumultuous period, Mick and Stevie also hooked up, only to go their own ways after the pairing proved too painful.

Twenty-eight years later, however – with the band embarking on its first tour in five years – Mick tells BlogTalkRadio that his relationship with Stevie is as solid as ever.

“Do you still love her,” World Talk Live! host Brett Cohen asks him.

“Oh, absolutely. She’s one of my dearest, dearest friends. And it’s a great part of my life and her life,” the drummer, who has a new, non- Fleetwood Mac album out titled Blue Again, replies.

CAPTION: The band in its incestuous heyday (l-r): Stevie, Lindsay, Christie, John and Mick.

The band in its incestuous heyday (l-r): Stevie, Lindsey, Christie, John and Mick.

“We’ve shared a lot of things in terms of Fleet- wood Mac and we continue to have the partnership that has spanned a huge amount of time,” he adds.

Not only is the one-time couple still tight, but Stevie’s a member of the family.

“She’s a mighty good godmother, I might add, to my two beautiful twin daughters.”

To hear Mick’s full interview, in which he discusses the current state of the music industry – and why he thinks American Idol is good for it – click here.

Shifty Binzer: ‘I Started Smoking Herb When I Was Eight’

Earlier this month on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, Seth “Shifty” Binzer fled the Sober House before downing a handful of Xanax and a bottle of Jack Daniels—and waking up in the emergency room thinking he’d had a heart attack.

While the Crazy Town frontman was missing, pal—and fellow rehabber—Andy Dick lamented, “He’s gonna be dead. I don’t want him to die.”

“I was angry at the world,” Shifty (above) tells us of his snorting days.

“I was angry at the world,” Shifty (above) tells us of his snorting days.

But this week on World Talk Live! Shifty tells host Brett Cohen exactly what went down that evening.

“I woke up with all these little things on my chest, ‘cause I’d passed out. So when I saw [them], I called the house and I was like, ‘I don’t know what happened to me. I think I had like cardiac arrest. But it was really just because I was dehydrated, and the cords were to check my heart rate,” he says.

“I was just partying really hard and then I took all this ecstasy and I wanted to go back to the house and I was like, If I don’t take a bunch of pills, I’m never going to go to sleep. So I went to this girl’s house that I knew, because she’s a crazy pill-popper, and then I took the pills,” he adds.

Shifty also recounts how he came to be an addict.

“My dad worked around a lot of bands and he designed album covers. He was a cocaine addict, so I guess I was influenced by him,” he says.

“I started smoking herb when I was like eight or nine, ‘cause I’d steal it from my dad. I remember taking it and rolling really bad joints in the bushes with my friends. But I was always like, I’m never gonna do cocaine. It makes my dad and my mom fight. I was like, f— cocaine.

“And then I was with my best friend when I was 18 years old and—it was DJ AM’s birthday and we all went hiking and [another friend] fell off a cliff and died and I was like, God, how could you just take someone that quick?

“So we went out and got f—– up that night. That was the first time I did cocaine.”

To hear Shifty’s full interview, click here.

Mandy Moore: Coy About Engagement to Ryan Adams (But Not Shy About Wooing Woody Allen!)

She may be newly engaged to Ryan Adams, but Mandy Moore still sounds a tad hesitant about her long-term plans with the rocker.

“I guess that’s what I’m hearin’,” Mandy (above) tells us of her betrothal to Ryan.

“I guess that’s what I’m hearin’,” Mandy (above) tells us of her betrothal to Ryan.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio’s World Talk Live!, Mandy tells host Brett Cohen that she’s “just takin’ it one day at a time.”

“Are you planning the wedding yet?” Brett asks the pop princess.

“No, no, that’s not something I’m necessarily think- ing about at this point. I’m kind of just enjoying life right now,” says the I Wanna Be with You singer, 24.

Later on, Mandy – who’s also a budding screen idol – expresses her desire to meet another guy.

“My favorite movie is Annie Hall and I already got to work with Diane Keaton [in the 2007 flick Because I Said So]. But I’d love to work with Woody Allen. That would be pretty cool,” she says.

Meanwhile, Mandy has got an even cooler project in the works.

The happy couple stolling in the Big Apple last summer.

The happy couple ambling in the Big Apple last summer.

“I’m a big, nerdy fan of Gain deter- gent. I know it sounds kind of random, but we all have our everyday things in life that we love, to turn our friends onto and whatnot,” she says.

“So the folks at Gain…approached me about doing this contest where they’ve set up a website [and] other people who are as just as obsessed with the way it smells are going to log on and tell us [why] they love the scent of Gain.

“And the winner will potentially get a free concert in their hometown.”

Any guess who’ll be the headline act at the concert?

That’s right – the New Hampshire- born beauty herself.

“I’ve always had this weird fantasy of getting to perform in someone’s backyard.

“And there’s a ‘Welcome to Our Town, Mandy’ banner floating in the background. And there’s barbeque and we make s’mores at night and everyone’s drinking lemonade and we all know each other’s names at the end of the day.”

Sounds peachy, Mandy. Count us in!

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$2 Million Paris Hilton Heist: I Moved into a Gated Community to Get Away from the Paparazzi, She Told BlogTalkRadio

NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2008 (BlogTalkRadio) – Burglars broke into Paris Hilton’s home today, making off with an estimated $2 million worth of jewelry and other valuables.

$2 million poorer.

Paris: It was the flashbulbs she feared.

The hotel heiress had just recently moved into the Hollywood Hills abode.

Ironically, however, it wasn’t to get away from robbers – it was to flee photographers.

In a Nov. 29 interview on BlogTalkRadio’s World Talk Live! Paris, 27, told host Brett Cohen exclusively that she’d taken a hard line against the prying eyes of ever-present paparazzi.

“They follow me all day long. But I moved into a gated community now,” she said.

“Before, they would literally be running up my driveway and taking pictures through my windows – could see everything in my house.

“Now I live in a gated community, so they usually just fly over with helicopters!”

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