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Bo Svenson: Paul Newman Refused Teen Fan an Autograph—Until She Gave Dad His Props

For a guy who was one of the greatest movie idols of all time, Paul Newman sported surprisingly little ego.

Or so that’s impression he made on fellow screen stud Bo Svenson.

Interviewed on Super ’70s Flashback!, Bo, a veteran of such films as North Dallas Forty and Heartbreak Ridge, discusses being cast opposite Robert Redford in a role meant for Paul, who passed away last year at age 83.


Paul: Absence of self-importance.

“While we were making The Great Waldo Pepper, right outside Elgin, Texas, Paul Newman came by. I thought he’d arrived to replace me, because I know that I had replaced him in the movie,” Bo tells host Carey Fisher of the 1975 flick.

“Originally, [director] George Roy Hill was going to make the movie with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. But [Universal Pictures President] Sid Scheinberg had made a joke to George asking him if Continue reading