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Daily Highlights: Thursday; September 23, 2010


Marlo Thomas, whose new memoir, Growing Up Laughing, hits the shelves Sept. 28, reflects on her (subconscious) reasons for tying the knot with Phil Donahue 30 years ago. “I didn’t realize until after I married him that he is my father,” the still-sexy-at- 72 icon tells host Robin Milling.

Conservative MomsMary Baker whistles Sweet Georgia Brown for Meadowlark Lemon, the Clown Prince of the Harlem Globetrotters, who played some 16,000 games with the team. Now an ordained minister, the hoops virtuoso hosts a weekly show on Trinity Broadcasting Net.

Keeping It Reel’s Tim Gordon shouts “Action!” to Edward Zwick, who directed Legends of the Fall, produced Blood Diamond and won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. Edward will chat about his upcoming flick, Love & Other Drugs, starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Film Festival Radio Janice Malone punches in with Parvesh Cheena and Anisha Nagarajan, stars of Outsourced, which shows tonight on NBC. Find out why certain folks are up in arms about this deft comedy about a displaced American manager who must oversee a call center in India.


L.A.’s Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a performance by drummer Sheila E., who scored a No. 1 dance hit with 1984’s The Glamorous Life, and there to chat up the pop diva in person is Callywood host Cosandra Calloway.

Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman gets up close and personal with Charlyne Yi, who played Jodi in Knocked Up and went on to star opposite Michael Cera in last year’s Paper Heart. Her latest project? Producing and starring in a video for OxFam America Hunger Banquet.

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Daily Highlights: Friday; September 17, 2010


At noon Molly Ringwald is ratcheting up her writing chops. The ‘80s screen idol reveals what the follow-up to her 2010 memoir, Getting the Pretty Back, will be. “I’m working on my second book, but it’ll be fiction,” she tells host Robin Milling. “I’m looking forward to writing about characters.”

On Demand: Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman gets up close and personal (though not nearly as close as Sacha Baron Cohen got) with Ken Davitian, who both regaled and repulsed audiences as Azamat Bagatov in Borat. The zaftig actor will chat about how he got goaded into that role.

AT 1130 AM Film Festival Radio’s Janice Malone gets busy with former Hootie & the Blowfish frontman—and rabid gridiron fan—Darius Rucker, who’ll fill us in on his new End Zone Obsession Football Challenge, a weekly, 17-round interactive game presented by Athlon Sports.

At 1030 AM Carly Pope, who plays wildly unorthodox private investigator Lucinda Pearl on Outlaw—starring Jimmy Smits—drops in to chat with Mr. Media about that meaty role, and about her big-screen outing in next year’s S.W.A.T.: Firefight, opposite Robert Patrick and Kristanna Loken.

At 8 PM Flashback’s Carey Fisher hangs with writer-director DB Sweeney, who began his career opposite Martin Sheen in 1985’s Out of the Darkness. DB will shed some light the upcoming NBC series The Event, while talking up his new flick, Two Tickets to Paradise.

At 7 PM Seriously Sensual host Nicole Brooks swoops in on New York Times best-selling author L.A. Banks, who has penned more than 40 novels—including her 12-book Vampire Huntress Legend series— and recently won the Romantic Times Award for Paranormal Fiction.

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Weekly Best: Friday, August 30, 2010

robert-schimmelSadly, comedian Robert Schimmel—who’d been battling cancer for a decade—died last night from injuries sustained in an Aug. 26 auto accident. Ever gracious, Robert told Mr. Media in 2008, “Time is the greatest gift anyone can give you. The time you gave me today, that’s mine now.”

Healthtopia Radio’s Bonnie Bella hits the boards with Lucille O’Neal, whose 7-foot-1 baby boy is one of the greatest NBA stars of all time—Shaquille O’Neal. Lucille will chat about her new book, Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go: From Mental Welfare to Mental Wealth.

Timothy Hodge kicks it with rapper Paul Wall, who hit the scene in 2005 with his debut album, The People’s Champ. Known for his pimped-out dental work, the Houston-based artist released his fourth CD this summer—Heart of a Champion—which cracked the Top Ten Rap Albums list.

Robin Milling flashed back to 1992, when she got busy with with David Bowie, who was about to tie the knot with Iman. “I’m very pro on the idea,” the flamboyant glam rocker said of marriage. “I don’t think there are any disadvantages whatsoever. I think it is a glorious union.”

The Amazing Kreskin opened up to Mr. Media about his ’09 prostate cancer diagnosis. “Not one single person around me—my closest friends, my staff, my road manager—had any idea,” he said. “The only person was my accountant, because of keeping the books and expenses.”

Less than two months after undergoing heart surgery, Dick Cheney is hard at work on his memoirs—and raring to fly from Virginia to his beloved Wyoming, daughter Liz told Aacons: “What he’d really like to do is get back on a drift boat on the Snake River and do some fishing.”

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Daily Highlights; August 20, 2010

tom-delay-16At 11 AM Straight Talk’s Melissa Hopkins sits down with Former GOP Majority Leader Tom DeLay—whom the Justice Department cleared of corruption charges this week—for a live, 30-minute review of his case, and the money-laundering charges he still faces in Texas. Tom will take calls.

At 8 PM Flashback host Carey Fisher gets the inside story from Geri Reischl, who subbed for Eve Plumb as Jan Brady in 1977’s Brady Bunch Hour reunion—which TV Guide dubbed one of the 50 Worst Shows of All Time.

At 3 PM Our wOw Effect host, Lesley Stahl, is joined by Peter Martins, artistic director of the New York City Ballet. The Danish-born choreographer discusses working with architect Santiago Calatrava on new ballets marking the 50th anniversary of Lincoln Center.

At 3 PM Tomorrow Will Be Televised’s Simon Applebaum hangs with Sandy Wax, president of PBS KIDS Sprout, the first 24/7 network for kids ages 2 to 5, and their parents. Plus: Graham Clarke of High Noon Entertainment, which produces such realty shows as House Hunters and Cake Boss.

At 10 AM Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman” gets up close and personal with Paula Garces, host of The mun2 Look on Telemundo’s mun2 cable net, which takes a look at the raw, edgy trends inspired by today’s Latino lifestyle—and making their mark on runways the world over.

On Demand: Host Andrea Shea King welcomes Florida Gubernatorial candidate Mike McCalister, who vows to crack down Arizona-like on illegal immigrants. “You have to deport them or detain them,” he tells us. “We have got to stop teaching the world to reward people for breaking our laws.”

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Daily Highlights; August 17, 2010

chris-martinAt 8 pm The Focal Spot host Fredelyne Alcide rolls with Christopher Martin, aka Play from the hip-hop superduo Kid ‘n Play, whose 1990 album, Funhouse, went platinum. Chris will fill us in on what’s up with his career, while reliving his glory days among the A-list set.

On Demand Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman hangs with Christoper Gorham, who played America Ferrara’s beau on Ugly Betty. The former Party of Five cast member will discuss his latest role—opposite Peter Gallagher—as blind CIA officer Auggie Anderson on USA’s Covert Affairs.

At 4 PM Host Dangerous Lee is back—and living up to her moniker as she gets up close and personal with Denise Matthews, whom Prince fans know better as Vanity. Now a Christian preacher, the former singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and crack addict will chat about the righteous path.

At 10 AM Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone kicks it with fantasy hair designer Derek J from the new Oxygen reality series Hair Battle Spectacular. Plus: Aspiring Playboy Playmate Kristen Guinane from Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club: Miami.


At 9 PM Buzzworthy Radio’s NaVell Lee goes one-on-one with Daniel Goddard, who plays Cane Ashby on The Young and the Restless. The Aussie actor—who’ll take questions from callers—will discuss his character’s newfound fatherhood, and his relationship with TV wife Christel Khalil.

On Demand EnergyTwist grooves with Double Exposure, the Philly-based disco band who’ve been together for 50 years, and whose 1976 club hit Ten Percent, was the world’s first commercial available 12-inch single. The industry vets chat about their career and upcoming projects.

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Daily Highlights; August 10, 2010

joan-armatradingAt 9 PM Icon Fetch’s Tony Peters grooves with British pop diva Joan Armatrading, who, throughout a career that spans 38 years, has only recorded her own songs—never a cover. The Grammy nominee will chat about her new CD, This Charming Life, on which she plays most every instrument.

At 8 PM Crystal Clear Speaks’ Joe Rumbolo believes there must be a guest named George Chakiris—and there is! The Oscar-winner, who played Sharks leader Bernardo in the 1961 flick West Side Story, drops in to chat about his new jewelry line, The Power of 7.


At 9 PM The Unrated Hour host Phil Peabody gets up close and personal with Canadian pro wrestler Traci Brooks, the first TNA Knockout to pose for Playboy (even if her pics were only only released via the mag’s Cyber Club). Traci will fill us in on her post-TNA career.

At 9 PM Oliva Wilder welcomes back “Reality Steve” Carbone, the blogger infamous for posting The Bachelor spoilers, who’ll chat about ABC’s new Bachelor Pad series. Plus, our host’s contest to find Steve a mate of his own—which already sports a list of 100+ hopeful gals.

At 1 PM Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman trades barbs with Joe Posa from Spike TV’s Scrappers. Set on the streets of Brooklyn, the new—and much buzzed-about—comic reality series takes us inside the wholly unglamorous world of scrap-metal dealers.
At 7 PM Host Dave Woods hangs with Julian Sammut, Simon Ross and twin sisters Lee and Paula Bowman, who are collectively known as Jetty Road. The red-hot country music group from Down Under will sample their latest CD, Life at a Million Miles, which features the tracks Good Times and Rolling Stone.

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Programming Highlights; July 6, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
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Today’s Programming Highlights:


eddie-mcclinktock At 10 AM Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman sits down with up the terribly unattractive (yea, right) Eddie McClintock, who plays Secret Service agent Pete Lattimer on the critically—and popularly—acclaimed SyFy series Warehouse 13, which kicks off Season 2 July 6.


ike-atkinsonAt noon Sin City Sessions kicks it with former drug lord Ike Atkinson, who was the main supplier of heroin to kingpin Frank Lucas (as portrayed by Denzel Washington in 2007’s American Gangster). Ike will discuss his new tell-all, Sergeant Smack.


tim-kring At 3 PM Tomorrow Will Be Televised host Simon Apple goes one-on-one with Tim Kring, executive producer of the hit NBC series Heroes. Plus: Rola Bauer, executive producer of the Starz miniseries Pillars of the Earth.


bencanova At 4 PM Movie Addict Headquarters host Betty Jo Tucker hangs with Ben Ohmart, who’s got a new bio of funnylady Judy Canova, star of such all-American flicks as The WAC from Walla Walla, Carolina Canonball and, of course, Singin’ in the Corn.


elizabeth-tryonAt 6:30 PM Indie Lady A host Adrienne Manson gets busy with pop-classical recording artist Elizabeth Tryon (whose great-granddad, incidentally, was a solo cornetist in John Philip Sousa’s band). The diva will chat about her new album From Elizabeth.


justin-chon21At 10 PM NDB Media host Roger Noriega hangs with Justin Chon, who plays Eric Yorkie in the hit Twilight series. The actor will fill us in on his upcoming projects, including the flick Crossing Over, opposite Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd.


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