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Satirist John Breneman Delves Deep into Cyberspace

What’s in store for Alaska Governor Sarah Palin after she resigns her seat on July 26?

“She plans to take a brief vacation, shooting media jackals from an airplane.

John: He reports, he derides.

John: He reports, he derides.

“Then she may hit the paid-speaker circuit with her inane ability to spout random strings of words that underscore her refreshing lack of knowledge and experience.”

That according to “Fox News anchor puppet Deuce Murdoch,” the latest incarnation of BlogTalkRadio’s resident humorist John Breneman.

The Boston Herald blogger, who, as primary alter ego Reid Page, anchor of the 13 O’Clock News, contributes weekly reports to BTR’s Game On!, recently launched a stand-alone Humor Gazette report here on the network.

Daily Show-like in their ability to spin headline news into biting satire, John’s dispatches have in recent weeks tackled topics ranging from health-care reform to Twitter to U.S. Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor to Michael Jackson tributes.

CAPTION: Humor Gazette headlines: All the news that's fit to kid.

The Humor Gazette: All the news that's fit to kid.

And so that he’s got the full complement of media covered, the veteran journalist also produces a TV version of the Humor Gazette, which is streamed on YouTube.

To check out John’s Humor Gazette reports here on BTR, click here.

To read John’s Humor Gazette reports on the Boston Herald blog, click here.

To watch John’s YouTube channel, click here.

Game On! airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. To tune in, click here.