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‘Breaking Bad’ Star Anna Gunn: I Trashed My Baby!

Anna Gunn may have had a bun in the oven on Breaking Bad, but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

Interviewed on Milling About, the actress who plays Skyler White reveals the extent of the discomfort her unborn “child” caused her during Seasons 1 and 2 of the Emmy-winning AMC series.

CAPTION: "I behaved very badly," real-life Anna (above) tells us. "I broke bad with my own baby suit!"

"I behaved very badly," real-life mom Anna (above) tells us. "I broke bad with my own baby."

“I had to wear a leotard that had built-in breasts, because your breasts are bigger, and it had the belly with a little snap underneath,” Anna, who give birth to her second daughter just five months before shooting the BB pilot—and was breast-feeding at the time—tells host Robin Milling.

“It was very uncomfortable. When we shot the last scene with the baby belly I took it off and swung it around my head and ran around the parking lot outside the studio.

“Then I climbed up a ladder and put it on top of the grip truck with the [assistant director] running after me—‘No, no! That’s Continue reading