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5 Ways to Boost Your Audience

It’s undeniable. Everyone who is putting themselves out there and broadcasting on a regular basis is keen to grow their audience. However, the art of gaining new listeners is not an easy one and is something which takes time and practice. How you go about drawing in those followers completely depends on what you’re talking about but there are some general rules which always help pique the interest of potential listeners. Make sure you’re not missing a trick by following these 5 rules!

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Host Tip of the Week: Building Listeners for Your Online Radio Show

hosttip-of-the-weekWe often get requests from hosts on how to build their show’s listener base. Networking and marketing your show successfully is an art form, and hosts must practice and work on it to see results.

So how can a new host spread the word about his or her show? Here are a few tips to help increase your listener base:

Tip 1. Promote through multiple channels. Leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Ning, MySpace and more can help you spread the word about your show online. BlogTalkRadio makes it easy to link your host profile to your Facebook and Twitter account, which makes sharing show updates simple. Remember that sharing compelling and engaging content is the most important goal of your social media and marketing efforts. If all of your updates are the same or generic like, “Come listen to my show on BTR,” and you inundate your friends with identical reminders, your intended audience will start to tune you out. Social media is a conversation: interact with your friends, reply to the posts of others, make posts fun and interesting, and share valuable content. Finally, don’t focus only on just one method of promotion, other marketing channels such as emails, press releases, and blog posts can also be very effective in getting the word out.

Tip 2. Dazzle with titles, descriptions and keywords. Did you know that how you describe your show has a connection to how many listeners come on board? Your host page, and all of its contents, is picked up by search engines and viewed by people searching through our programming guides. So it’s in your best interest to be as descriptive and detailed as possible. And as we have written in previous blog posts, the keywords you select to identify each episode are critical in helping those interested find, and listen to, your content.

Tip 3. Be targeted in your approach. Get out there and find groups, forums, and communities on and offline that focus on your show’s subject matter. If, for example, you are marketing a show on running a small business, go to meetings in your area that support small business owners or participate in forums and online communities that are dedicated to this demographic. If you host a show about cars, visit a local car show to network, or get active in a forum for car enthusiasts. Pass out flyers or business cards, take opportunities to share your valuable advice and expertise, and always include a link to your show after your name when posting online.

4. Get involved with other BlogTalkRadio shows and hosts. Search for shows similar to your own using keywords, and listen to the other shows out there. How does your show differ? How can you fulfill a niche that is not yet offered on BlogTalkRadio? Get engaged with the BlogTalkRadio community by providing valuable commentary in the chatroom and connecting with the host and other listeners. If others like what you have to say, they will seek you out and discover what your show is all about.

5. Content is king. Last, but certainly not least, listeners are attracted to shows that consistently produce quality content. Do your due diligence in planning for your shows, your guests, your questions, and your topics. If listeners like what they hear, they will come back for more, and ultimately help you spread the word about your show to their friends. Aspire to be a show that people want to talk about and recommend to others!

Putting these tips into action takes time, but before you know it, you will have forgotten the days when you were just getting started and only had a few listeners, and focus on maintaining that listener base!

Longtime BlogTalkRadio hosts, we would love to hear what you do to attract listeners!

Until next week, y’all, stay warm!

~Christie Sweet