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Host Tip of the Week: Calling in to host your show

hosttip-of-the-week2Just getting started with your show on BlogTalkRadio? When time comes to host the show, you have a few options for how to dial in and connect.

For hosts with a basic account, an easy way to host is by dialing in on a landline phone. To ensure the best possible sound quality on your show, it is a good idea to use a high quality telephone, and speak clearly into the handset.

For hosts with a Premium, Premium Plus, or Branded Client account, there are a few more options for dialing into your show. One additional option is to call in using Skype, which enables hosts to call in directly from the computer. These Skype calls are free from anywhere in the world, and many hosts prefer this method of hosting. Using a headset with Skype frees up your hands to use for chat or managing the switchboard.

BlogTalkRadio does not endorse any products, but when it comes to additional equipment to use while hosting, we encourage hosts to share their preferences with other hosts. For hosts eager to take their shows to the next level with sound equipment and are seeking these tips and advice, check out our BlogTalkRadio forum http://forum.blogtalkradio.com/ and connect with other hosts.

To connect to your show, call into the line 15 minutes or closer to the start time of the show. If you have a co-host, your co-host will dial in on the guest call in number, while you will dial in on the host line. Then, get talking! When you are finished hosting, simply hang up the phone to end the show. Your show’s audio will be what you recorded from the time you went live on the air, until the time you hung up the phone.

If you ever accidentally disconnect from your show, just call back into your host line at any time before your show is scheduled to end, and you will be able to resume your show.

Have a great week, y’all!

Christie Sweet