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Carl Bernstein Sets the Record Straight on Hillary Clinton: She Didn’t Lose the Election Because of Sexism

CAPTIONS: It’s “absolutely disgusting” Carl (above) tells us of hate speech against America’s new Secretary of State.

It’s “absolutely disgusting” Carl (above) says of hate speech against America’s new Secretary of State.

If there’s one American whose objectivity we trust, it’s Carl Bernstein’s (and of course Bob Woodward’s; but as Bob has yet to grace BlogTalkRadio, his homage will have to wait).

As half of The Washington Post team that brought down the Nixon administration, Carl proved that the press is mightier than the presidency.

So when he chats about Election ’08 with Sins of Omission host Paulie Abeles, we listen closely.

During the discussion, a caller by the name of Karen, from Port- land, Ore., tells Carl:

“I’m a little sickened by your blindness to what I consider hate crimes against Hillary Clinton… I’m talking about ‘c—-’ T-shirts and ‘the nutcracker.’”

To which Carl, who in 2007 published a book titled A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton, replies:a-woman-in-charge1

“I agree. I don’t know if they’re hate crimes, but I think it’s despicable speech.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that,” says Karen. “But you said that it wasn’t a factor.”

“No, I didn’t say it wasn’t a factor. I said it’s not why she lost the election. I’ve said sexism, racism is always a factor in our culture. But the idea that this is why she lost the election is absurd.”

To hear Carl’s full interview—including what he considers to be “the great failing of journalism” and why he says Hillary’s marriage to Bill Clinton remains to this day a “love story”—click here.