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Talkers Magazine’s Top 50 Talkmeisters List Top Heavy with BlogTalkRadio Hosts

In yet another demonstration of broadcast prowess among our ranks comes Talkers‘ 2010 Frontier Fifty, which the magazine bills as “A selection of outstanding talk media webcasters.”

If you haven’t already guessed, that list is dominated by BlogTalkRadio hosts—eight, to be exact.talkers1

“To assume that internet talk radio will simply be a continuation of its terrestrial ancestor only with expanded reach would be akin to publishing newspapers without photographs or using horses to power automobiles,” writes Talkers publisher Michael Harrison.

“Thus, this new list reflects not only a wide diversity of talent and the subjects and special interest demos they embrace, but also the wide array of mechanical, conceptual and formatic options available to the webcaster,” he continues—before adding:

“Pay attention. Some of these unknown folks are heading to inevitable superstardom.”

So without further ado (whatever “ado” means), here are our honored hosts. Continue reading