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Introducing the New Chat Room

ChatRoomImageWe are very pleased to announce the release of BlogTalkRadio’s new chat application.  Not only is it full of personalization features such as font size, color, background choice and integrated emoticons, it also includes many useful functional features as well. 

These features include:

* Chat transcript history: This is one of the most helpful and most requested upgrades.  To save your chat transcript, click the “Save Message History” icon in the upper right hand corner.  HistoryIconbOnce your show is complete simply click this button and copy/paste the entire chat log into a word or text document.  It’s that simple. 

* Additional message functionality: With one click of a user’s name, you will now see a list of several options including the ability to private message in an entirely different window.  As a host and chat room monitor you will also be able to pre-define certain messages such as a reminder to the guests to register, the listener call in number and any regularly used links.

* Video integration: If you are a featured BlogTalkRadio host, you will be able to broadcast your video onto a completely moveable and resizable user window.  Users may then opt into the streaming video by clicking on the video icon next to your name.

* Sharing Images: You can now share images in the chat room by clicking the share image button directly in the chat.  Once you have clicked this button SendImage, another window will open directing you to choose an image from your computer files.  Please note that all participants in the chat room will see the image that you post.

* “Tweet This” and “Share This:” When you chat during your favorite BlogTalkRadio shows, we want to remind you to use the  ‘Tweet This’ and ‘Share This’  icons conveniently located at the bottom of the chat room to post details about the show on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.  This will help you network on behalf of the host and the show.

We hope you will take some time to explore all of the new chat capabilities as a host and a listener on BlogTalkRadio.  We look forward to your feedback as well.  Please email service@blogtalkradio.com if you have any issues or suggestions.