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BlogTalkRadio’s ‘643 Sports’ Is ‘No Fly-by-night Operation,’ Lauds Chicago Daily Herald

There was never any doubt in our mind that Jonathan Platek and Rich Kraetsch would some day be recognized for their talk-radio prowess.

And now that day has come!  643-sports2

(OK, technically, that day was yesterday, but we’re in New York and they’re in Illinois, so you’ve got to account for the time difference.)

In his column this week, Chicago Daily Herald sports writer Ron Skrabacz devotes all 815 words to Jonathan and Rich’s 643 Sports, which the BlogTalkRadio hosts describe as “60 minutes of unfiltered, uncensored, and very biased sports talk [where] no one is safe from our wrath.”

What’s impressive, among other things, is that the junk-talkin’ duo are college kids: Jonathan, 21, is a poly-sci major at the University of Illinois; Rich, 21, is a communications major at Benedictine University.

Half of the “643” team.

Rich: Half of the “643” team.

“[BlogTalkRadio] has allowed them to continue a passion for sports that sparked the friendship they developed in high school,” writes Ron. “They both were sports enthusiasts and listened religiously to sports talk shows.

“Their show is no fly-by- night operation, although it is just the two of them serving as both produc- tion and support staff,” continues the columnist.

“Sound effects, quotes and highlights are regularly interjected to keep the conversation mov- ing, as well as entertaining, but always sports related.”

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