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Discussing childhood obesity with guests from the Quantum Learning Network & Super Camp and MomsRising.org.

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Overheard: We Are WHY We Eat | 03.18.13

How psychology plays into our food choices

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Dr. Ramani Durvasula (Dr. Oz, Today Show) discusses her book You Are WHY You Eat, and how you can still eat diner food by honoring yourself and listening to your spider senses.

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Dr. Djenaba A. Joseph from the CDC’s Colorectal Cancer Control Program offers lifesaving tips on how screenings and diet can decrease your risk of colorectal cancer. 

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Acting Surgeon General Leads Battle Against Childhood Obesity

Acting Surgeon General Rear Admiral Steven K. Galson

Rear Admiral Steven Galson, the acting Surgeon General, is promoting a massive campaign against childhood obesity. The Healthy Youth for a Healthy Future (HYHF) Initiative is hoping to educate children, parents and educators regarding healthy eating and exercise habits.

Through the HYHF, multiple organizations all over the country are putting together specific programs geared towards individual communities. In addition to community campaigns, public service announcements such as one entitled “Can Your Food Do That?” Are specifically geared towards educating children into making informed, healthy choices.”It’s fun, interactive information about both healthy eating and physical activity.” Said Rear Admiral Galson.

According to the acting Surgeon General, it’s really no mystery why so many children in America are overweight or obese.  “It’s fairly straightforward,” he said, “it’s a combination of our young people not getting enough physical activity and then not eating right.” One of the ways Rear Admiral Galson suggests getting kids to be more active is by limiting time spend in front of electronics. “Across the U.S. our young people spend an average of six hours in front of the computer or TV screen. So if our kids are leading a sendtary lifestyle, which means not that much exercise, and taking in more calories than they burn off, they’re at risk of becoming overweight or obese.”

Rear Admiral Galson talks in depth about the HYHF Initiative and offers tips to parents for ensuring good health and nutrition in their children in his BlogTalkRadio interview with Dot Mil Docs. Tune in for this short, but enlightening interview. It may save a child’s life.