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Financial Aid Podcast Live: Surviving the Student Lending Crunch on BlogTalkRadio

How will you pay for college in this economy? What are your best options for financial aid? What loans are available to you? Never fear, the Financial Aid Podcast goes live today to answer your questions.

Today at noon Eastern, join a select group of financial aid, media and industry leaders in a roundtable discussion about how you, as a student, parent, or family member can pay for college in 2008.

Panelists include:

  • Justin Draeger from the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
  • Gail Holt from Mt. Holyoke College and President-Elect, Massachusetts Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
  • Shelly Saunders from American Student Assistance
  • Susan Mead, Director Of Financial Aid for SUNY Dutchess Community College
  • Maria Koklanaris from Higher Education Washington, Inc.

Host Christopher S. Penn invites you to tune in, listen to advice from leading industry professionals, and ask questions to the panel of experts who will be addressing:

  • What is the current status of the student lending market? Will loans be available to me?
  • I keep hearing that loans might not be available from some lenders – what does that mean for my Stafford loan?
  • What is the government doing – or what should they do – to help make paying for college a reality for most students?
  • Where can I find scholarships, grants and other financial assistance?
  • What do “tighter credit requirements” mean to me?
  • and more!

The Financial Aid Podcast Goes LIVE on BlogTalkRadio

Financial aid. So necessary and so difficult to understand – until today. The Financial Aid Podcast goes live, taking your calls about financial aid and answering your questions.

FinancialAidPodcastThe Financial Aid Podcast delivers timely financial aid, scholarship, student loan, career, and personal finance information to you in short, easy to manage doses. The Financial Aid Podcast helps you make the most of your money, in college and beyond.

Today The Financial Aid Podcast goes live on BlogTalkRadio at 2pm ET with host Christopher S. Penn to answer your questions about financial aid. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to make sense of financial aid with the help of a real live human!