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BlogTalkRadio Feeding The Long Tail

Looking back at April 2008 shows us we’re still growing strong. In addition to all the conversations we’ve facilitated, we continue to add content to The Long Tail and provide a breadth and depth of content you’d be hard pressed to find housed on any other site. With over 70 categories and thousands of hosts, BlogTalkRadio is feeding the beast in record numbers. Take a look at these stats, for April:

  • 11,000 shows broadcast and archived
  • A total of 2.99 million listeners in April
  • 2,700 different hosts completed at least one show
  • 67,000 unique shows listened to in April
  • 87,000 unique shows in long tail

I find it interesting that 77% of the shows produced since we launched BlogTalkRadio were listened to at least one time in April.

Chris Anderson‘s Long Tail theory, for example, predicts that demand for products not available in traditional bricks and mortar stores is potentially as big as for those that are. Take a look at the graph from Anderson’s site below.


The red part are the big hits, the top sellers. The orange part of the graph is the Long Tail, the niches, which the theory says is where the new growth is coming from now and will continue in the future. BlogTalkRadio and its hosts continue to add powerful, fresh content to those niche audiences. BlogTalkRadio is out to prove the Long Tail theory, that demand for content not available in your traditional media channels will be as big or bigger than what you can find on them. Our continued progress in this arena should be of interest to potential business partners and advertisers who want to capitalize on this growing demand for niche content – as well as our audiences who want that relevant information.

We’d love to hear from you; join the conversation.

Alan Levy, CEO

BlogTalkRadio, a 2008 “Webware 100” Winner!

webware_winnerWe are pleased to announce that your favorite Web 2.0 product, BlogTalkRadio, is a winner in CNET’s 2008 Webware 100 Awards in the Audio category. The Web 2.0 user community cast nearly two million votes in the online voting poll, launching BlogTalkRadio’s citizen broadcasting network into the winners’ circle.

In addition to being a non-music platform, BlogTalkRadio is the only user-generated content site among the audio category winners. Read the entire release > > .

The Webware 100 profile page for BlogTalkRadio has… Continue reading

BlogTalkRadio, a 2008 “Webware 100” Winner!

webware_winnerWe are pleased to announce that your favorite Web 2.0 product, BlogTalkRadio, is a winner in CNET’s 2008 Webware 100 Awards in the Audio category. The Web 2.0 user community cast nearly two million votes in the online voting poll, launching BlogTalkRadio’s citizen broadcasting network into the winners’ circle.

In addition to being a non-music platform, BlogTalkRadio is the only user-generated content site among the audio category winners. Read the entire release > > .

The Webware 100 profile page for BlogTalkRadio has… Continue reading

BlogTalkRadio Hosts Celebrate One Year as Citizen Broadcasters

We get a lot of emails from hosts who are excited about what BlogTalkRadio has given to them. Many of those hosts are now celebrating one year as citizen broadcasters. It’s wonderful to see how those hosts recognized the BlogTalkRadio platform as a way for them to showcase their own talent and fulfill their dreams, share their knowledge and help other people. These hosts have put in the time and energy and their audiences are growing because of it. Congrats all.

Way back in October of last year, The Sasquatch Experience and artist Michael Bell celebrated one year on BlogTalkRadio. In November, Jason O’Brien celebrated one year of doing the Oscar, Oscar! show and in December, Anthony Brice of Six Degrees knocked out his anniversary show. Those are quite impressive achievements.

More recently, the Geeks at Movie Geeks United celebrated their one year anniversary just yesterday. With an all star guest list, these fellows have been doing themselves – and BlogTalkRadio – proud. Also, Tony Reeves Esq has been doing In The Know for one year this month.

March welcomed The Daily Suplex Radio show, Meggy Moon Talk Show, Around the Spectrum sports show, to the one year club. The ladies at Army Wives Talk Radio

Back in February, the ever entertaining Dr. Blogstein celebrated his one year Blogsteinversary and The AZ UFO Show and Queens of Internet Radio hit a year.

January saw Pointless Drivel Live, Definitive Cinematic Retrospective and How THE BIG MAN sees it hit the one year mark.

And those are just a handful of the shows that have celebrated one year “On Air.” We thank them for all they do as they start their second year of broadcasting on this social radio network. If you’ve got something to share or want to tell your BlogTalkRadio story, drop us a line at testimonial@blogtalkradio.com.

Congratulations, hosts. Keep talking. We’re listening.

Podcasts Showing Growth in Traffic, Revenue

Some new figures released yesterday indicate podcast audiences – and revenue – are growing and that the future looks bright.

Duncan Riley at TechCrunch pointed us to interesting post by eMarketer yesterday that shows that podcasts are (again) taking off in both traffic and revenue with a healthy outlook ahead. Riley reports:


According to eMarketer, the total podcast audience in the United States was 18.5 million in 2007 and will rise to 65 million in 2012. “Active listeners” (defined as people who download more than one podcast) were 6.5 million in 2007 and expected to be 25 million in 2012.

At BlogTalkRadio, we’ve seen this growth in action. Our listener numbers continue to rise as more and more people see the benefit of a network as broad and deep as BlogTalkRadio. January saw over 2.4 million listeners tapping into our citizen broadcasts, a 40% increase in listeners since we came out of Beta.

Of course, we’re more than just an audio file shoved through an RSS feed. We are the Internet’s first live social talk radio network for citizen broadcasters. It’s our real-time audio and text interaction PLUS the social networking, asynchronous messaging and time-shifting options that makes us different and more appealing to the millions of BlogTalkRadio hosts and listeners.

The revenue figures are impressive, too as eMarketer indicates advertising in 2007 hit $165 million and is expected to grow to $435 million in 2012. This is great news for anyone enrolled in our Revenue Sharing Program who wants a piece of this action.

BlogTalkRadio: A New Medium and Much, Much More

2007 was the year BlogTalkRadio became a new medium. It was an exceptional year for us. Listenership steadily increased, we relaunched the site with new features, thousands of hosts continued to sign up and bring on top notch guests and the buzz is building. We ended the year with a bang and an inspiring Reuters article that spread like wildfire.

Is BlogTalkRadio a new medium? I say undoubtedly yes!! In fact, not only has BlogTalkRadio proven to be an effective new medium smack center in the world of blogging, podcasting, broadcasting and social media, I would argue that BlogTalkRadio is the fastest growing creator of original content anywhere; on the web or off. I know that’s a pretty bold statement for a website only 16 months old and barely noticed by the blogger “intelligentsia” in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, except Robert Scoble, who has been a friend.

Please consider the following:

  1. Since inception we have produced over 46,000 broadcasts all of which are maintained in our program guides and available for consumption. We produced 6,600 shows in December 2007 and yesterday January 10th, 315 shows were broadcast live.
  2. In December 2007, 2 million shows were listened to either live or on demand. Our content is available on our site, on our hosts blogs, all over myspace and Facebook, and throughout the web. We have also begun to syndicate our content to Reciva, podcast directories like Podcast.com and many others. We expect to syndicate much of our content to terrestrial radio stations throughout the country in 2008.
  3. The content that comes into the network continues to amaze me. Just before the new year Brad Pitt, Arianna Huffington and Mike Huckabee appeared on BlogTalkRadio. This week alone, Yoko Ono, Jon Voight, Steve Forbes just to name a few. Please keep in mind that we do not have a booking department. All of the notable guests that have graced this network have been introduced by our thousands of active citizen broadcasters. Here is a list of notable guests who have appeared on BlogTalkRadio.
  4. We are approaching 200,000 daily RSS feeds a day hitting our site, pulling blog posts and audio files. This number has quadrupled since we launched our redesigned site at the end of September.
  5. There is no easier platform or technology on the web which can be used to create audio content where the publisher can use any type of phone, which is broadcast live, can accommodate unlimited listeners and archivable.
  6. As noted in a recent article in publishers weekly, we are creating “stations” and other private label solutions for major companies such as publishers, on-line communities, media companies, etc.

Last night as I was surfing the web, I came across a post by Heather Hobson at Trendhunter Magazine, which was entitled “Rebirth of Radio.” I enjoy seeing blog posts that recognize the power of and help spread the word about this truly special medium.

Finally, I want to thank our thousands of hosts and millions of listeners for helping to build BlogTalkRadio into what it is today. In 2006 we pieced together three words and created BlogTalkRadio. In 2007, BlogTalkRadio became a viable medium. Any guesses what 2008 will bring? Please let me know your thoughts.


BlogTalkRadio and Reciva Strike Partnership

BlogTalkRadio is proud to announce that its programming will be added to Reciva Internet enabled radios.

btrreciva.jpgBlogTalkRadio and Reciva Limited, the global leader in Internet radio technology, have struck a partnership to bring BlogTalkRadio’s programming to users of Reciva-powered Internet Radios and networked devices. Products from more than 30 Consumer Electronics brands stand to gain access to Blogtalkradio’s unique service.

Reciva-powered radios allow users easy and convenient access to thousands of live radio stations from across the world without the need for a PC. Finding content is as easy as turning the dial on your old transistor set. Except that now, turning the dial doesn’t mean tuning into specific radio frequencies: instead, web addresses for specific online radio stations or archived radio programs are being accessed. The radio call sign or program name is shown on a little display, just like on an AM/FM radio.

The partnership with bring BlogTalkRadio’s 44,000 shows across more than 60 content categories to Reciva listeners.

Alan Levy, CEO and co-founder of BlogTalkRadio commented:

“This partnership allows BlogTalkRadio to transcend the online space, enabling listeners to enjoy our growing slate of quality citizen broadcast programming, without being tethered to a computer – further establishing BlogTalkRadio as the radio network of the 21st Century. With our increased reach to Reciva listeners, BlogTalkRadio’s content will be even more attractive to strategic partners and advertisers.”

Andrew Rhomberg, director of business development and strategy at Reciva said:

“This partnership with BlogTalkRadio is exciting for us, and exciting for our customers. Their service is unique in that users can participate not only as interactive listeners, but also as hosts and show moderators. We aim to offer the most comprehensive platform of audio services, both live and on-demand, to our partners and users and the addition of BlogTalkRadio is a major step towards this goal.”

If you’ll be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, you’ll be able to enjoy a sneak preview before the service goes live on Reciva powered Internet radios in a few weeks.

Read the entire release on BlogTalkRadio’s Press Page > >

Read the entire release on Business Wire > >

BlogTalkRadio Reaches 40,000 Episode Milestone

Yesterday BlogTalkRadio archived it’s 40,000th show. Forty thousand! That’s a big day for us and our hosts. When you think that we started in September of 2006 with zero shows, that’s quite a milestone. And one worth posting about.

And we couldn’t do it without you, our outstanding hosts, who use this platform as a way to share your messages and touch the lives of others.

Forty-thousand episodes broadcast through the BlogTalkRadio site into the hearts and minds of listeners all across the globe. It took 15 months to reach that number from zero. But it won’t take us long to archive another 40,000 shows at this rate.

What a great ride we’ve been on and I look forward to our continued growth and success. As CEO, I’m proud of our team for their support and our hosts who continue to generate outstanding content every single day. To another forty-thousand shows…

Alan Levy