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Steve Rubel on Blogtalkradio

On Thursday evening at 9:00pm EST, Steve Rubel, noted blogger and PR executive will be a guest of popular PR blogger and BTR host Scott Baradell. Scott and Steve will be disussing current PR issues in the blogosphere. All the details on the live show Thursday night can be found here.

As we approach the ripe old age of 4 months, we continue to be excited as to where we have been and where we are going. Last week, the 1000th host registered to become our newest “citizen broadcaster”. All the metrics are growing nicely in terms of downloads, views, visits, hits etc, but the feedback i most enjoy has nothing to do with metrics.

The overwhelming response to Blogtalkradio has been positve. By this I refer to the users of BTR, the hosts and listeners. There are so many useful applications for this new medium and we look forward to continuing to enhance the experience for all.

Once again, thanks for helping us build this new medium, the first social radio network.

See you “on-air”


What Is a Social Radio Network?

We have been spending a fair amount of time talking about how Blogtalkradio is the first “social radio network”.

In our view, traditional radio is inherently flawed and that’s why it is an industry in decline. Terrestrial radio is limited among other things, by high costs, limited geographic reach, no archival capability and a declining audience and hence revenue base. Clearly another significant weakness in the nearly century old medium is that the barriers to entry are way too high for the “citizen broadcaster” to get on air.

Who is to say that there is only one Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh or Al Franken out there? Until now, the citizen broadcaster has been unable to seize the airwaves. Now finally, anyone with a phone or an internet connection can broadcast a live call-in talkshow complete with unlimited streaming, archival capability and RSS feeds.

Blogtalkradio is open and ready for business. In fact, we have been open for three months and in this brief time, tens of thousands of shows have been broadcast live and downloaded.

The movement has just begun and we are looking for you, the citizen broadcaster to check our service, listen to a show and if you dare, host your own.

Just today, we came across a post written by USC Professor Jerry Del Colliano who hits the nail right on the head.

We look forward to seeing you “on-air”