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Politics are heating up on BlogTalkRadio

As election time nears, the political arena gets hotter and hotter, and BlogTalkRadio’s political talk is no exception.

All sides of the political spectrum are gearing up for 2008, and the discussions on BlogTalkRadio contribute to the buzz. The next couple of days have some special broadcasts in store for us.

First, on Sunday evening the bloggers from MyDD.com are back to discuss their plans for people-powered politics and the Progressive Movement.

mccain.jpgAdam Conner, Aaron Banks, and Jonathan Singer bring you the latest news and issues in the progressive blogosphere. Don’t miss these guys as they reemerge on BlogTalkRadio at 8pm ET. Call in and join the conversation!

And Heading Right Radio’s Ed Morrissey is broadcasting live from the Conservative Leadership Conference in Reno on Monday LIVE with Senator John McCain.

Not a stranger to BlogTalkRadio, Senator McCain has conducted several exclusive interviews with Ed on the network. Each time we get a more intimate glimpse of the presidential hopeful than we usually get access to on television or in the papers. This is McCain uncensored and accessible to listeners, for a rare two-way discussion.

Listen LIVE on Monday at 3pm ET.