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‘Reba’ Star Melissa Peterman: Reba McEntire Is No Match for Me at Karaoke (at Least Not After I’m Plastered)

When it comes to impersonating Reba McEntire, no one does it better than, well, the Grammy-winning country-music star herself.

So reveals Melissa Peterman, host of the CMT karaoke game show, The Singing Bee.

CAPTION: Bee-est of friends: Melissa (l) with the downhome diva.

Bee-est of friends: Melissa (left) with the downhome diva.

Interviewed on Somewhere in Vegas, Melissa, who co-starred with Reba on Reba, which wrapped in 2007 after a six-year run, recalls working with her former boss on the hit series.

“I’ve actually sung karaoke with Reba. She’s a fun person, so she’d say, ‘Let’s have a karaoke night after taping,'” the funny lady tells host Marq with a Q.

“And the first time, everybody was like, ‘Yea. Great. You’re Reba McEntire.’ And nobody would sing for a little while, because it was kind of, ah, intimidating.

“Then, after a few margaritas, I’m starting to push her Continue reading