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Cinch and the schwag people want

A flickr user, choiceshirts, favorited one of the four Cinch designs today. Thank you!

sxsw cinch shirt schwag

At SXSW in Austin, TX a couple weeks ago the BlogTalkRadio team was there to represent and produce shows for our hosts like DoC and Wiley. We handed out hundreds of BlogTalkRadio stickers (made by the great Sticker Giant) and over 130 original Cinch t-shirts to attendees.

The shirts turned out to be an unexpected hit. Sure, we thought we could give out quite a few but we expected to have many left for other events – not the case. It made traveling home easy!

The takeaway from this post should be that if you are designing promotional products make schwag that doesn’t look like schwag and that your conference team will get behind with a passion. Get feedback from your co-workers about designs and ask them if they would wear or use the item you are creating while not in the presence of your CEO. And, lastly, know your intended audience.

Here’s a look at we made:

Cinch Shirt

Cinch Shirt 2

Cinch Shirt 3

Cinch Shirt 4