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Elizabeth Letchworth, Former Secretary of the Senate, Hosts New Show On BTR

Blog Talk Radio is proud to introduce Elizabeth Letchworth’s new show to our Politics category.  Letchworth worked in the U.S. Senate for 26 years, serving as Secretary of the Senate from 1995-2001. Fueled by her passion for politics, she founded Gradegov.com, a site that empowers citizens to voice their opinions on elected officials. On her BTR show, Elizabeth provides updated reviews of members of Congress, as well as her inside scoop on Congress in general and other political issues. On her first show, she will speak on the balanced budget amendment.

‘The Untouchables’ Star William Forsythe, ‘As the World Turns’ Star Colleen Zenk and Comedian Carla Collins Today on BlogTalkRadio

william-forsytheWilliam Forsythe: The star of the upcoming flick Dear Mr. Gacy—which tells the true story of a college student who met the serial killer on death row—recalls how how he shook off the disturbing role. “This was a journey from hell for me and I’ll never look back and have anything to do with John Wayne Gacy again because it’s over for me,” he tells Milling About host Robin Milling. “I literally just turned on the Beach Boys and went back to being a blonde. I tried to surf my way out of it in a way and go to a whole other place.”

colleen-zenkColleen Zenk: The actor who’s been playing fashionista-turned-criminal Barbara Ryan on the CBS daytime drame As the World Turns since 1978 drops in on BlazinRy to talk with host Ryan Holmes about the fast-growing online campaign to get her on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

allen-west3Allen West: Florida’s newly-elected U.S. Congressman tells AACONS host Marie Stroughter that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is guilty of espionage—and that we “should be censuring the American news agencies which enabled him to be able to do this and then also applauding him for the efforts.”

carla-colinsCarla Collins: The funnylady known as the Canadian Tina Fey—who began her career as an anchor on The Weather Network—drops in on Sin City Sessions host Marq with a Q to rave about her new book, Angels, Vampires & Dochebags, while filling us in on her reality show, Carlawood.

stanly-livingstonStanley Livingston: The actor who played Doris Day and David Niven’s kid in the 1960 flick Please Don’t Eat the Daisies—before rocketing to fame as Chip Douglas on My Three Sons—stops by The NeverHood to chat with host Ethan Tudor W about his Actor’s Journey Project.

Anti-War Independent Congressional Candidate Cindy Sheehan

Sheehan BlogTalkRadio’s Blue Barn Posse welcomes Cindy Sheehan, noted war protester and congressional candidate.

Today at 1pm ET, Sheehan joins Blue Barn for an exclusive interview. The hosts encourage callers to discuss the issues, the campaign and Sheehan’s road to politics.

Cindy is running as a “Decline To State” in the 8th Congressional District of California with the slogan “people before politics.”