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BlogTalkRadio’s ‘Aspiring Rush Limbaughs and Sean Hannitys,’ Says L.A. Times, ‘Take Their Mission Just as Seriously’

The days of BlogTalkRadio being the best-kept secret in conservative chatter are clearly over.

Today—as the Los Angeles Times attests in a story headlined “Aspiring Rush Limbaughs Take to Web Radio”—millions of Americans are turning in to our humble network for news, opinions and information not always given equal (if any) time in the mainstream media.


"It's just turned into a big snowball," Marie (above) tells the Times of her show's popularity.

That while hundreds more are getting behind the mic to give voice to the groundswell of political discontent raging from coast to coast.

Three such citizen broadcasters are Marie Stroughter, host of African-American Conservatives (or AACONS), and Luis Bermudez and Ethan Koelsch, hosts of EJ and the Bear.

Marie, writes the Times, “was frustrated by how few fellow African Americans she saw in conservative politics.

“Along with her husband and a friend she met on the social networking site Twitter, Continue reading