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For Your Consideration: The Podcasting Legal Guide

podcasting_legal_guideby Deb

I found something interesting in my travels today, The Podcasting Legal Guide. Most of the issues covered are common knowledge, however, it’s a terrific overview of the legalities of podcasting.

Now, this guide only covers United States law and isn’t meant to be taken as concrete legal advice, but if you’re looking for guidelines, it’s a very useful reference. Licensed under the Creative Commons, the Podcasting Legal Guide covers:

  • An overview of legal issues podcasters (including online radio hosts) should consider
  • Legal issues in creating your own podcast
  • Legal issues in distributing your own podcast
  • Basic Background to podcasting
  • Background & further resources

Many of our hosts have questions regarding copyright laws and other legal issues and this guide covers the basics. If you can’t find the answers here at BlogTalkRadio, the Podcasting Legal Guide is a handy tool to have on hand.