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Partying with Cosby on BlogTalkRadio

Have you heard about Bill Cosby’s LISTENing parties?cosnarati

The New York Times just reviewed veteran comedian and cultural icon Bill Cosby’s dive into the social media space, including his use of the BlogTalkRadio platform to broadcast his views in yesterday’s piece, Cosby Takes a Web Plunge, Sweaters in Tow.

Last month, Bill took to BlogTalkRadio’s airwaves for a Virtual Town Hall Meeting at a live event in New York City.  At the event, Bill introduced the new Cosnarati Band to perform tracks from their debut album, Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency.  The album features socially conscious hip hop music, with lyrics written by Bill himself.  The NYC event was designed to stimulate live conversation among Cosby fans of all ages about important social issues such as abuse, peer pressure, and improving education.

cosHere’s where Bill’s LISTENing Parties come in.

Cosby’s initiative aims to increase consciousness about these issues, and to make sure the discussion continues at home.  To this end, he wants fans to order the album and plan a LISTENing party for groups of fans, so they can talk about the issues raised together afterward.  You can host a private LISTENing party, or a public LISTENing event, at your church, school, or in your community.  The public parties get the album gratis and free swag, and are registered at BillCosby.com for easy joinability.  Read the official Party Manual for all the deets.

And if you’re like us, and most of your friends are online, what better way to break down the messages from Bill’s album with a chat on BlogTalkRadio?  If you’re hosting a LISTENing party in your area, register for a free account with us and take your chat to the airwaves, where the intellectual becomes interactive.