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BlogTalkRadio Today: Highlights for February 11, 2009


by Deb

Another day, another great lineup. Check out today’s BlogTalkRadio highlights: (All times EST)

  • Got a geek in your life and are clueless about Valentine’s Day gifts? The Tech Moms give listeners a few ideas for last minute geeky gifts that just might work! Don’t miss it, tonight at 8:00.
  • BlogTalkRadio 101 takes new hosts on a walk through the platform to learn how to schedule segments, upload music, run your switchboard, and promote your BlogTalkRadio show, this afternoon at 1:00.
  • Media Bistro’s Morning Media Menu welcomes new Fishbowl/DC Editor Christine Delargy this mornin at 9:00.
  • Today, on the Army Bloggers Roundtable -A panel of specialists in unexploded ordnance (UXO) and robotics will explain how cameras and remote controls allow technicians to maneuver detection, vegetation clearance and UXO removal equipment from a safe distance without compromising accuracy. Riveting. Don’t miss the fun at 10:00 a.m.
  • Are you afraid someone is coming over? Is your dog making it hard for you to greet people? Would you like to see your dog totally relaxed when someone visits? Tune in to the Happy Dog this morning at 11:00 and learn a few tricks that could change the scenario and help you to have more ease with your dog!
  • Leanne Ely, the Dinner Diva, author of the Saving Dinner series and host of SavingDinner.com invites you to come in and sit awhile, today at noon.
  • Around The Majors is back for another show, just days from pitchers and catchers. Tyler Hissey and guest co-host Jake Cohen will offer their take on the Ryan Howard contract, the A-Rod bombshell and other MLB news and notes this afternoon at 1:00.
  • At 2:00 p.m. The Empty Nesters will speak with Robert Pagliarini, financial expert and author of The 6 Day Financial Makeover.
  • This afternoon at 3:00 the staff at CrunchGear.com analyzes this week’s biggest tech and gadget news.
  • This evening at 6:00 on the Motown Writers Network jost Monica Marie Jones will be talking about The literary world and marketing on a budget.

Please see our On Air Guide for a full rundown of all today’s BlogTalkRadio programming. Don’t forget every episode is available on demand soon after the live broadcast

Did you send me your elevator pitch? If you’d like to see your show featured on the BlogTalkRadio blog, send me a couple of paragraphs describing your show (deborahng(at)blogtalkradio(dot)com) and I’ll post it here in our new “Elevator Pitch” series. Don’t worry about being a new host or an old host, or if your show is popular or you have a well-known guest. My goal is to turn listeners and the BlogTalkRadio community on to shows they might not be familiar with.

What’s Going On? January 21, 2009


BRRRRR!!! It’s cold on the East Coast this morning. Fortunately, I have BlogTalkRadio to keep me warm. Check out today’s toasty highlights (all times EST):

  • My friend Dave Navarro of Rock Your Day fame is a guest on WAHumor this afternoon at 1:00.
  • Questions about using BlogTalkRAdio? Join Nikki Starr for BlogTalkRadio 101 this afternoon at 1:00.
  • Join us tonight at 10:30 for a Very Brady Episode of Fruit Salad with special guest Florence Henderson!
  • At noon, Healthy You discusses fighting dental phobias.
  • Living by Design discusses yesterday’s historic inauguration this evening at 6:00.
  • Tune into Bloggers School tonight at 8:00 to learn the benefits of blogging for business.
  • Also at 8:00, don’t miss the launch of the brand new Tech Moms Show!
  • Judy Joy Jones welcomes Elvis historian Cory Cooper tonight at 10:00.

Please see the On Air Schedule for a complete rundown of all the BlogTalkRadio programming.

CrunchGear Launches BlogTalkRadio Show

CrunchGear, part of the TechCrunch Network, launches a BlogTalkRadio show today.

CrunchGear is a blog covering gadgets, gear and computer hardware. Today they join the audio side of the online conversation as they unveil the new CrunchGear show on BlogTalkRadio. The inaugural show goes live at 1pm ET where the staff at CrunchGear.com analyzes this week’s biggest tech and gadget news on CrunchGear Friday.

If you’re a reader of CrunchGear or a geek interested in the latest gadgets and widgets – you will love this show.

CrunchGear is a part of Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch Network.