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Kate Holmes: In on the Celebrity Cupcake Craze (and a Pizza Pig, to Boot!)

It’s hard to believe from the looks of her bod that Katie Holmes has not only given birth, but that she frequently pigs out on cupcakes and pizza.

Interviewed on Milling About, Mrs. Tom Cruise chats about her eating habits on the set of her new flick, The Romantics, which opens today.

Curses! Despite her high-calorie diet, Katie (above with hubby Tom) look fabulous.

Curses! Despite her high-calorie diet, Katie (above with Tom) looks fabulous.

“I do like a good cupcake and I’m always in search of a new and better one, which I always manage to find,” Katie tells host Robin Milling.

“They’re amazing. We always have some on the set.”

“She’s got a nose for cupcakes,” adds Romantics co-star—and fellow sveltie—Malin Akerman.

Yet another cast member, Josh Duhamel, spent his free time hunting down the best local pizza, and would tote his “catch” back to the set.

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