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Featured Host Profile: David Mathison, ‘Be the Media’

“Ideas don’t go viral on their own. It takes a community.”
-David Mathison, Host of BlogTalkRadio’s Be The Media

dbm-headshot-color-flat_small1As we all know, the media landscape is changing at breakneck speed. And if you’re an entrepreneur, inventor, musician, actor, artist, journalist politician — anyone with a story to tell, really — you need to consider how to deliver your message with the most impact within this new environment.

It helps to have an advocate like Dave Mathison, host of BTR’s Be the Media, to cut through the fluff and give it to us straight.

David Mathison is a media consultant, entrepreneur, author, publisher and speaker who has lectured internationally. On his show, Dave interviews successful people from all walks of life about how to increase revenue, build audience, and spread a message.

When asked about his most popular episode he said…

“That was a January 2010 interview with marketer/author/speaker Seth Godin and author Scott Stratten. It was a popular show because both guests gave great, insightful tips on how to spread ideas and messages virally.”

You can listen to this episode here.

bethemediaWhen asked about the one piece of advice he gives over and over again, Dave replied…

“The one thing I encourage in every show is for people to link, comment and share! Ideas don’t go viral on their own. It takes a community.”

Learn more about the Be The Media show here.

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Small Business Trends Radio’s Top 100 List Top Heavy with BlogTalkRadio Shows

If it wasn’t already apparent that BlogTalkRadio has got what is arguable the Internet’s best business-show roster, now comes a ranking to prove it.

Small Business Trends Radio has released its annual list of 100 Best Small Business Podcasts and guess what?

In all, eight of BTR’s business shows made the list, right alongside those of such powerhouse media outlets as The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, CNN and the BBC.

To boot, one show from BTR’s Cincast.com community—where creating short, snappy podcasts are a cinch—made the list as well.

“Each year we scour the Internet for you and choose 100 of the most useful and informative podcasts we can find for entrepreneurs, small businesses and small business owners,” the weekly show says on its website.


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