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‘NBA Breakdown’ Hosts Score Media Trifecta with ‘Daytime Toronto’ Appearance

Audley Stephenson and Dave Mendonca are shaping up to be quite the publicity machine—and we couldn’t be more pleased.

One month after our NBA Breakdown hosts launched the new season of their show with profiles in The Brampton Guardian and Mississauga News, the dynamic duo was at it again.

Only this time, it wasn’t their hometown papers splashing them across the pages. It was Daytime Toronto flashing them on TV screens across the city known as Hollywood North.

CAPTION: "Our ‘brand' is just to have a lot of fun with it," Audley (above) told Toronto viewers of his BTR show.

"Our ‘brand' is just to have a lot of fun with it," Audley (above) said of his BlogTalkRadio show.

The NBA Breakdown is an online radio basketball talk show that’s just fun. It’s just two average guys talking hoops,” Dave told host Chris Greidanus during the eight-minute interview.

“You watch TV sports shows, you see guys in suits—we’re not corporate. We’re the real deal,” he added. “And people connect with that.”

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