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A Look Back: 2011 Show Highlights

2011 was a great year for content on BlogTalkRadio.  We’ve selected just a few of our favorite shows from the past year to highlight. We hope you enjoy and are looking forward to another great year of broadcasts on BlogTalkRadio!

Emeril Lagasse: Interview with world famous chef on Small Business Roundtable.

Newt Gingrich: Interview with Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives and 2012 Presidential Candidate on Sarah Palin Radio.

Marion Nestle: Food Politics Pioneer on Stupid Cancer Show.

Guy Kawasaki: Former Chief Evangelist of Apple and Co-founder of Alltop.com on Mr. Media.

Debi Mazar: Actress and Cooking Channel host on Olivia Wilder.

Ja Rule: Rap star on TheKnicksBlogRadio.


Jason Kidd: NBA point guard for the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks on Hits Radio.


Emma Stone: Interview with Hollywood’s hottest ‘It’ Girl on Milling About.

Ira Glass: American public radio personality and host of NPR’s This American Life on Columbia Journalism.

Antonio Banderas: Critically acclaimed actor catches up with The Movie Geeks United.

Debi Mazar, Nia Long, Chris Burke and Jacoby Jones Today on BlogTalkRadio

debbie-mazarDebi Mazar: The New York City native who made her name opposite Ray Liotta in GoodFellas—before going on star in the HBO’s Entourage—drops in with hubby Gabriele Corcos to chat with host Olivia Wilder about their new Cooking Channel series, Extra Virgin.

nia-long1Nia Long: The actress known for her roles in such big-screen outings as Soul Food, Love Jones and Big Momma’s House stops by Keeping It Reel to talk with host Tim Gordon about her upcoming indie fick, Mooz-Lum, co-starring Danny Glover.

chris-burkeChris Burke: The actor who, as Corky on ABC’s Life Goes On, struck a victory for people with Down Syndrome, drops in on Matty P’s Happy Hour host Matthew Picone to chat about his upcoming roles. Plus: Cheesy from VH1’s I Love New York 2.

att-faithevansFaith Evans: The Grammy-winning diva recalls her 3-year marriage to slain rapper Biggie Smalls. “It was such a short-lived relationship,” she tells The Mutha Knows Show host Mutha. “But because we had so much fun, it ultimately overshadowed a lot of the not-so-fun parts.

jacoby-jonesJacoby Jones: The Houston Texans wide receiver sits down with the Get Up Show host Chris LaMonica to talk about the 2010 NFL season, and about his victory last month in the Visa Men’s Super 60m Race at the 104th Millrose Games in New York City.

Tonight on ‘The Mix,’ It’s a Bigger, Better, Bolder ‘Best of 2008’


If you missed last week’s Best of 2008, you’re gonna love our “director’s cut” of the year-end special.

In addition to Jon Voigt, Olivia-Newton John, Salman Rushdie, Kim Kardashian, Jeff Goldblum, Yoko Ono, Adam Duritz, Dennis Miller, Hugh Hefner, Talia Shire, Salman Rushdie, Lynda Carter, Laurence Fishburne and others featured in the original show, you’ll also hear from Frank Caliendo, David Allen Grier, Cheech & Chong, Debi Mazar, Rob Van Dam, Persona Non Grata and other hot guests.

directors-cut2In all, this 90-minute Mega-Mix – hosted by everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily – sports 50 memorable moments from what will no doubt go down in history as one of the memorable years of the millennium.

And be sure to tune in Monday, January 5 at 9 p.m. ET as Shaun returns with his always-popular (albeit regular-sized) Daily Mix.

Until then, have a great New Year!

To tune in, click here.

Debi Mazar: ‘I’m So Busted!’ Big-Tobacco Whistle- blower Jeffrey Wigand of ‘The Insider’ Fame Chides Flick’s Star for Smoking

“Having played one of the 60 Minutes producers who helped bust Big Tobacco in The Insider, Debi Mazar was red-faced this week after the film’s real-life hero dressed her down for lighting up.”

That’s the word from the New York Post’s world-famous Page Six column in today.

“During a live interview on BlogTalkRadio, [Olivia Wilder Times] host Olivia Wilder asked Mazar, ‘Are you a smoker?’

“Hey, one less cigarette a day is better than more,” says off-again, on-again smoker Debi.

“Hey, one less cigarette a day is better than more,” says stop-start smoker Debi.

“‘I don’t have to answer that question. It’s irrelevant,’ the actress [who now plays Adrian Grenier’s prickly flack, Shauna Roberts, on the HBO series Entourage] replied,” the report continues.

“In the next breath, however, she admitted, ‘I smoke from time to time but I got the facts and I don’t smoke in front of my children [Evelyn Maria, 6, and Guilia Isabel, 2].’

“‘I quit and then I start. I quit and then I start. Right now, I’m some- where in between.'”

Unfortunately for Debi, Jeffrey Wigand – the fired Brown & Williamson veep who in 1995 blew the whistle on the company for making its cigarettes more addictive by adding a cancer-causing agent – was listening at the time and called in to the show.

“You still smoking?” Jeffrey (who was played by Russell Crowe in the 1999 Oscar-nominated film) asked Debi.

Debi, Al Pacino, Philip Baker Hall and Christopher Plummer as the “60 Minutes” crew who helped Jeffrey Wigand expose Big Tobacco.

Debi, Al Pacino, Philip Baker Hall and Christopher Plummer as the “60 Minutes” crew who helped Jeffrey Wigand expose Big Tobacco.

“I’m so busted!  I’m having a little bit here and there, yes. Is this a smoking inter- vention?” she said, later adding, “I’ve had two kids. After the breast milk dries up if [cigarettes] are sitting around, it’s very tempting.”

Jeffrey’s final warning?

“Stick around for your grandkids!”

To read the Page Six report, click here.

To hear Olivia’s full interview with Debi, click here.