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Weekly Best: October 11, 2010


Movie Geeks United’s Jamey DuVall and Jerry Dennis join, ah, Forces to welcome Peter Mayhew, who played Harrison Ford’s hairy sidekick Chewbacca in Star Wars. The 7-foot-3 thespian will help our hosts celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.

Punch Drunk Critics host John Nolan chats with Edward Norton about his starring role opposite Bobby De Niro and Milla Jojovich in John Curran’s Stone, which tells the story of a convicted arsonist planning to secure his parole using his beautiful wife as bait.

BlogTalkRadio rolls into Vegas for live coverage of BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010. Beginning today at 10:30am PT, we’re interviewing a host of thought leaders, including The Hotline’s Reid Wilson, GeekBeat.TV’s Cali Lewis and Ford Motor Company’s Scott Monty.


Buzzworthy Radio’s NaVell Lee hangs with Tiffany Thornton, who plays Tawni Hart on the hit Disney Channel series Sonny with a Chance. The teen queen—who’s also a budding pop singer—will chat about working alongside red-hot co-stars Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight.

PLUS Model Radio host Chenese Lewis gives it up for America’s Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson, who’ll be hosting the Hollywood chapter of the National Organization for Women’s 2010 Love Your Body Day weekend, which gets under way Oct. 22.

Paul Simon turns 69 years old today, and in honor of that milestone, Milling About host Robin Milling unspools a never-before-aired 1986 interview with the music legend. “The songs emerge,” he said of his creative powers. “Seldom do they sort of pop. They slowly reveal themselves.”

Life After Dusk host Cedric Collier hangs with Nick (son of Hulk) Hogan who made his name on the VH1 reality series Hogan Knows Best. Nick will chat about getting his life back on track after his 2007 car crash—which landed him in jail for 6 months.

pete-rock1WYMS Radio‘s Cha-Boogie asks, Who Murdered Hip-Hop? Was it the artists? The A&R guys? The media? Joining her to explore this issue will be one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time, Pete Rock. Plus: Riggs Moralez, director of A&R for Eminem’s Shady Records.
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‘Sonny With a Chance’ Star Brandon Smith: Work Is One Big Par-tay!

Forget all that talk about a successful acting career taking years of practice, perseverance and dues-paying.

In the case of at least one Disney Channel star, the job is all play and no work – well, at least not much work.

CAPTIONS: “I feel like I’m, literally, at home,” Brandon (above) tells us of his workplace.

“I feel like I’m literally at home,” Brandon (above) tells us of being on the Disney Channel set.

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, Brandon Mychal Smith, who stars opposite Demi Lovato, Tiffany Thornton, Doug Brochu, Allisyn Arm and Sterling Knight on Sonny With a Chance, offers and idyllic look into his workaday life.

“On-set, it’s literally a party. I heard a famous person say, If you love what you do, you never go to work. That’s how I feel,” Brandon, who turns 20 next week, tells host Zachary Sang.

“I get on-set, I hit kraft service, I grab a slushie and some nachos; it’s 9 a.m., me and Dougie are rippin’ up kraft service; we go down to Serling’s room, play some Guitar Hero; might even do a little Midnight Four Racer on the Xbox,” adds the dapper actor.

“Then maybe we might go to set. Literally, set is, like, ten percent of our day. The rest is fun.

“If we’re not in Doug’s room playing Wii golf, jamin’ it out or in there just clownin’ around, then we’re just layin’ back. It can’t get any better.”

CAPTION: On the “Sonny” set, with (l-r) Tiffany, Demi, Allisyn and Doug.

On the “Sonny” set, with (l-r) Tiffany, Demi, Allisyn and Doug.

Brandon also confirms that the Sonny cast- members are in fact bowling fanatics, while boasting about bowling a better game than Sterling – who just last month on WZAP Radio boasted about consistently beating the pants off him.

“We religiously go bowling. We go every day, every lunch break. If there’s a chunk of time that exceeds 30 minutes, we are bowling.

“Right now, me and Sterling are battling for the No. 1 spot. I heard him say in your interview that most of the time he beats me – which is true.

“But we just went bowling recently, like two, three days ago – with me, Sterling, Tiff and one of our executive producers – and we ripped it up and I won.

“I bowled like a 155. Sterling bowled like a 130. So he was pretty mad.

“But I had to take him down.”

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