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Best of BTR: The Social Costs of Climate Change | 05.29.13

Oklahoma, Extreme Weather & the Social costs of climate change

by Virtually Speaking Science in SCIENCE

Author and science historian Naomi Oreskes discusses extreme weather, with regards to the Oklahoma tornado and the social costs of climate change, carbon policy and inaction.

Magician & TV host justin Willman Makes magic cool again

by Behind the Mic Radio in ENTERTAINMENT

Magician Justin Willman‘s comedy-flavored miracles earned him devoted fans and appearances on The Ellen Degeneres Show and The Tonight Show. He’s also the host of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars

SyFy star erin ryder seeks answers to strange truths

by Those Diner n Motorcycle Guys in LIFE

Erin Ryder, star and executive producer of SYFY’s Destination Truth and National Geographic’s Chasing UFOs. Plus, world-renowned tattoo artist Heather Sinn from Spike TV’s hit show Ink Master.

Mental Health & Mental illness: Fact vs. fiction

by teentalkcny in YOUTH

In observance of Mental Health Month, teen hosts Arij and Allison discuss both mental health myths and truths with licensed marriage and family therapist Tonja Rector

face forward: healing the scars of abuse & violence victims

by Best Ever You in SELF-HELP

A chat with Deborah Alessi, founder of Face Forward, a nonprofit providing facial surgical reconstructive services for women and children who have been victims of gang aggression or domestic violence.

Daily Highlights: Wednesday, September 8, 2010


At 1 PM Doc Heather host Heather Lounsbury gets up close and personal with Alexandra Paul, who played Stephanie Holden on Baywatch and will be starring opposite fellow hottie Scott Patterson in the upcoming feaure flick The Frankenstein Brothers.

At 8 PM Mandogg House Radio host Amanda Rosenblatt sets off with intrepid adventurer Josh Gates, host of the Syfy series Destination Truth, on which he travels to the world’s most extreme locations to investigate reports of unexplained phenomena.

At 8 PM Embrace Life Radio’s Tiffani Walker kicks it with diva Mashonda, who has contributed vocals to the projects of such stars as Eve, Cassidy and Fat Joe. The No Panties singer will fill us in on her new CD, The Renovation Series, which is set for a 2011 release.

At 10 PM The Sphere’s Ms. Lynn beams in Rick Worthy, who played Kornan on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jannar on Star Trek: Enterprise and Simon on Battlestar Galactica—and who made his TV dubut on Deney Terrio’s 1979 kitsch-fest, Dance Fever (which we’ll ask him all about).

At 8 PM Craig “The Hatchetman” Johnson sits down with former NFL star Damon Dunn, who played for the Jaguars, Browns, Jets and Cowboys before founding a real-estate firm in 2002—and, earlier this year, launching his campaign for California Secretary of State.

At 8 PM JL Radio’s Jessica LaShawn gives it up for R&B star Michel’le, who made her name on World Class Wreckin’ Cru’s 1987 single Turn off the Lights, before releasing a self-titled album 2 years later, which sold 2.7 million copies. The Nicety singer will chat about her upcoming CD.

*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.

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Programming Highlights; March 11, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.
Today’s Programming Highlights:

author-for-christieAt 10 AM Jennifer Powers joins Kerry’s Network to talk about her new book, Oh Shift!, and how to make positive, concrete, and lasting changes in your life.



skaters-for-christieAt 10:30 AM The two stars of The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice, Francia Raisa of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Brandon Fehr of Roswell, joins Stardish Radio to talk about the upcoming flick.



mark-griffin-for-christieAt 1 PM Mark Griffin joins Mr. Media to talk about his definitive biography of Academy Award–winning director Vincente Minnelli, known for his tumultuous marriage to Judy Garland, and more.



rocker-chick-for-christieAt 2 PM Carmit Bachar, formerly of The Pussycat Dolls, joins Doc Heather to discuss the project close to her heart, Project Smile with Me, and Operation Smile.



robthompson-for-christieAt 8 PM The Wheelhouse welcomes former EA Gameshow alum Rob Thompson to the show to talk about the upcoming NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, lovingly known as March Madness.



NUP_106630_0185At 8 PM Joshua Gates, host of SyFy’s show Destination Truth travels to Alpha Waves Radio to talk about the new season of his show premiering on March 17.



sam-choy-for-christieAlso at 8 PM Sam Choy, chef, restaurateur,and television personality known as the founding contributor of Pacific rim cuisine, discuss his impressive culinary career, and designing the menu for American Airlines on The Language of Light.



Thousands of live radio shows broadcast live everyday on BlogTalkRadio. Find out what’s on live now.