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Dick Clark’s Lost Interview: My Close Call with the Wrath of Madonna’s Manager

Dick Clark may have been the dean of the pop-music scene for more than five decades, but that doesn’t mean he’s any better at picking winners than your average armchair critic.

Case in point, the American Music Awards—which he himself founded in 1973.

CAPTION: Dick: Made Her Madgesty parachute in from Penny Marshall's movie set.

Dick: Made Her Madgesty parachute in from Penny Marshall's movie set.

In an interview with Milling About host Robin Milling from New Year’s Eve 1992—which has never before aired anywhere—the cultural icon chatted about wrangling nominees into the theater for the event.

“Years ago I talked to [Madonna‘s then-manager] Freddy DeMann. I said, ‘Madonna must be here— she’s up for two awards. I mean, you must know in your heart that she’s going to win those awards. She’s a runaway smash hit,” he said of the 1991 AMAs, while the Material Girl was filming A League of Their Own.

“They arranged a convoy and strategic air command sort of thing and got Continue reading

Weekly Best; July 26, 2010

johnny-depp-wbJohnny Depp may be a top box-office draw, but that doesn’t mean he’s above supporting the work of lesser-known artists. While Xany Rudoff—from whom he recently commissioned a Keith Richards portrait—was being interviewed, Johnny called in to Red Velvet Media as an alter-ego.

Wilmer Valderrama, whose new flick, The Dry Land, opens today, gets all moist about jailed former flame Lindsay Lohan—telling host Robin Milling, “I adore her to death. I love her to death. I love her. I love Lindsay very much and I know she’ll be OK at the end.”

Shutter Island star Patricia Clarkson chats about the hit filck’s Oscar-winning auteur. “It’s an actor’s dream. You’re working with one of the great directors of all time and he doesn’t disappoint,” she tell us. “You have to be ready to rock and roll with Martin Scorsese!”

It ain’t easy being a supermodel, particularly if you’ve got the acting bug, like Tyson Beckford. The fashion icon chats about breaking into films, telling us, “I still get this to this day, people say, ‘Ah, I didn’t know you could act,’ or ‘I didn’t know you could speak.’”

Robin Milling flashes back to 1992, when she went one-on-one with Dick Clark. The icon reflected on his older brother, who was killed in WWII—and whom he strived to emulate. “You’re a different person. You do things better than I do,” Dick says his brother told him. “Do what you do.”

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