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Scoble Talks the Power of Peas

How can BlogTalkRadio, peas, and Twitter improve the world? Find out at 3pm on the new Endless ROI show – and learn how social media tools can change your business and your life.

scoblepeasRobert Scoble is the featured guest on the new BlogTalkRadio show Endless ROI with Susan F. Heywood today at 3pm ET. Robert and Susan will talk about the Power of Peas, Twitter and why social media can improve the world all while taking your calls.

Endless ROI explores how social media, which includes tools like BlogTalkRadio, can generate virtually infinite returns on your investment. These tools are so affordable, sometimes free, and Susan F. Heywood of DirectMarketingMBA.com and guests from the world of social media will dive into this topic every week.