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Chelsea Staub: ‘I Have a Crush on’ Joe, Kevin AND Nick Jonas

So it’s finally out: Chelsea Staub is indeed infatuated not only with Joe Jonas, but Kevin and Nick, too!

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, the 20-year-old cutie, who plays the Jonas Brothers’ stylist, Stalla, in the new Disney Channel series JONAS, reveals her feelings for the superstar trio.

“I hear a lot of people say, ‘The Jonas Brothers are like brothers to me,’ and in my case, that is not true,” Chelsea, who first made her name as star of 2007’s Bratz: The Movie, tells host Zachary Sang.

CAPTION: “Right now, I’m just really enjoying life and dating,” the now-single Chelsea (above) tells us.

“Right now, I’m just really enjoying life and dating,” the now-single Chelsea (above) tells us.

“I think they’re adorable and I can honestly say I have a crush on all three of them.

“They are like the dream guy. They’re rock stars. They’re really – it doesn’t hurt to look at them – they’re gorgeous, and on top of everything else, they open doors and pull out chairs and compliment the way you look.

“It’s just like, Wow! Perfect package.”

But then she sets the record straight on the exact extent of her affection for the boys.

“I feel really lucky that I get to be around them and work with them and have a relationship with them that’s not actually a romantic relationship.

“We have a really cool ‘friend’ relationship, so I kind of get the best of both worlds in the sense that I love to be around these guys… but no, I’m not dating any of them.”

Earlier in the show, Chelsea also clears up rumors that she and Joe were in fact an item – after she got snapped cozying up to the middle JoBro in California in March 2008.

    CAPTION: With Joe in Santa Monica last year: One of the pics that set (jealous?) tongues wagging.

With Joe in Santa Monica last year: One of the pics that set (jealous?) tongues wagging.

“I met the Jonas Brothers a couple of years ago. So we were able to kind of stay in touch and remain friends, even though people weren’t aware we had already filmed [JONAS].

“It was kind of like, Who’s the blonde girl hanging out with Joe? At that particular point in time, the boys are touring and they aren’t home a lot and we don’t get to see each other a lot.

“At that point in time they were in LA, they had a couple of days off. So we just decided to go hang out, go shopping, check out Urban Outfitters, go down to Santa Monica Promenade.

“It was my first encounter with paparazzi, and coming home and opening up my computer and having pictures of us together or turning on E! News and having them talk about it.

“It was just very, very bizarre. It was such a weird place for me to be in because I didn’t mean to upset anyone and I wasn’t doing it like, Oooo, I hope people get to see me hanging out with Joe Jonas.

“He was just a good friend and I was really excited to see him.”

During the hour-long interview, Chelsea also reveals:

—How awkward it was co-starring with Steven McQueen – whom she’d just broken up with after a two-year relationship – in last year’s Disney Channel flick, Minutemen.

—Why she cringes at the thought that there’s a video out there of her “singing in one of my mom’s dresses – with balloon boobs.”

—Why oceanUP.com is like “our version of Perez.”

—How she and BFF Nicole Gale Anderson were both up for the role of Stella in JONAS – though how it all turned out peachy in the end.

—What her and her gal pals’ favorite snack is while sitting home on the couch dishing about boys.

—Why it seems that every time she goes to a theme park, she winds up buying new sweats.

To hear Chelsea’s full interview, click here.