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Adrienne Bailon’s Pal Says He and She Floated Nude- Pic Rumors to ‘Make Her Seem More of an Adult – Rather Than a Disney Star’

Like fellow Disney stars Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens, Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon has become embroiled in a sex-pic scandal.

I never thought we would actually release nude photos" (like this one - that were leaked on the Internet), say Jonathan, "That was the agreement Adrienne and I had."

"I never thought we would actually release nude photos," says Jonathan of the Cheetah Girl (above). "That was the agreement Adrienne and I had.” (Photo courtesy: Disney)

But unlike Miley and Vanessa, Adrienne consciously set out to transform her image from virginal girl-next-door to cybersex kitten – or so says her good pal, Jonathan “JJ” Jaxson, host of BlogTalkRadio’s JJsDirt.com On-Air.

As to who leaked the nude photos of the now-tarnished pop tart this weekend, Jonathan – who interviewed Adrienne on BlogTalkRadio earlier this year – says in a special BlogTalkRadio report, “Adrienne swears it wasn’t her. I know it wasn’t me.”

Then again, the former Hollywood publicist – who admits he and Adrienne originally planted rumors that there could be nude shots of her on her stolen laptop – does say that the Cheetah Girl’s intention was to thrust herself up a notch on the sex-appeal meter:

“We decided to put [the rumors] out there as a plot to gain more attention for Adrienne’s image and make her seem more of an adult and, possibly, a sex symbol – rather than a Disney star.”

To hear Jonathan’s special report, and his interview with Adrienne, click here.