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Overheard: We Are WHY We Eat | 03.18.13

How psychology plays into our food choices

by Those Diner and Motorcyle Guys in FOOD

Dr. Ramani Durvasula (Dr. Oz, Today Show) discusses her book You Are WHY You Eat, and how you can still eat diner food by honoring yourself and listening to your spider senses.

home Makeover tips from Kitchen Crashers’ Alison Victoria

by Down and Dirty in DIY

Down & Dirty gets redesign tips from Alison Victoria, host of Kitchen Crashers on the DIY Network. And TV critic Maureen Ryan shares the best and worst mid-season TV shows.

News and Highlights from CPAC 2013

by The American Maverick Show in POLITICS

Red State Talk Radio Network’s coverage of the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference features high-level special guests talking all things CPAC.

our littlest Host chats with kids’ band Recess monkey

by Nia and Friends in FAMILY

BlogTalkRadio’s 9-year-old host interviews nationally acclaimed kids’ band Recess Monkey, whose members are elementary school teachers from Seattle.


by Joy Keys in HEALTH

Dr. Djenaba A. Joseph from the CDC’s Colorectal Cancer Control Program offers lifesaving tips on how screenings and diet can decrease your risk of colorectal cancer. 

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Healthy Vision with Dr. Val JonesSpring can be a difficult time for the one in five individuals affected by seasonal eye allergies. Eye allergy symptoms include itchy, watery or red eyes and for many vision corrected individuals, allergies can keep them from enjoying daily activities, affect their appearance and impact their performance at work, school and in sports. Learn how to identify, treat and manage eye allergy symptoms from seasonal and indoor allergies on Healthy Vision™ with Dr. Val Jones. Listen now.

Frank Fontana of The Down and Dirty

On Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, meet Alison Victoria, host of Kitchen Crashers on the DIY Network. She’s based in Chicago and Las Vegas, surprising homeowners in both cities with extravagant kitchen redesigns in just a few short days. During the Craftsmanship segment, hear from Stan Munro, who recently was featured in a Mutual of Omaha television ad campaign. He’s the mastermind behind Toothpick World, a collection of more than 60 famous buildings from around the world — all built to the same 1:164 scale. Tune in here.

Women's Business Talk Radio NetworkJoin Host Katrina Sawa on The Jump Start Your Business Radio Show on the Women’s Business Talk Radio Network.  Katrina’s show is geared towards entrepreneurs who are ready to get serious about starting, growing or marketing their business to bring them to a 6 or 7 figure income. On this show, she interviews Bernadette Boas, known as a ‘ball of fire’ change agent, speaker, author, and radio host who inspires, motivates and equips women with the mindset, skills and talents they need to obtain success and prosperity. Tune in here.