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Host Brett Cohen Slam Dunks with ‘Seinfeld’ Special

Liz Sheridan & Jerry Seinfeld
Liz Sheridan & Jerry Seinfeld

If the true measure of success in the gossip game is a Page Six appearance (and it is), then BlogTalkRadio’s Brett Cohen is king for this Tuesday, July 29.

In an interview airing today, Liz Sheridan (aka Jerry’s mom on Seinfeld) tells the World Talk Live host that “the most important thing in the whole world” is getting a movie made of her 2000 memoir, Dizzy & Jimmy: My Life with James Dean – A Love Story, which recounts her engagement to the acting legend.

After that, Brett asks Liz, “If you had the ability to have dinner tonight with anyone in history, who would it be?” – to which the 79-year-old actress replies, “Jerry Seinfeld.”

Why so?

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Meanwhile, if you see Brett, don’t forget to bow.